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Program overview

Program length is four terms beginning in January. Courses include:

  • CT physics and instrumentation
  • Cross-sectional anatomy
  • CT protocols and procedures
  • CT registry review
  • Two terms of CT clinical training

Classes begin on the first Monday evening of the term (see schedule below). The remainder of the course work is performed online. CT clinical training is two terms in length. Clinical courses are 18 hours per week (180 hours per term).

Program costs

The approximate cost is $3,200 for tuition, books, and fees. Additional living costs include food, housing, school supplies, childcare, transportation, health insurance, immunizations, and professional membership.


Spring term courses
  • CTT 111: CT Physics, Equipment + Instrumentation (2 credits)
  • CTT 101: Cross-Sectional Anatomy – Abdomen, Pelvis, Lower Extremity (1 credit)
  • CTT 102: Cross-Sectional Anatomy – Head + Spine (1 credit)
Summer term courses
  • CTT 112: CT Protocols, Procedures + Pathology Correlation (2 credits)
  • CTT 103: Cross-Sectional Anatomy – Neck, Thorax, Upper Extremity (1 credit)
  • CTT 104: Cross-Sectional Anatomy – Review (1)
Fall term courses
  • CTT 271: CT Clinical I (5 credits)
Winter term courses
  • CTT 272: CT Clinical II (5 credits)
  • CTT 113: CT Registry Review (1 credit)

Frequently asked questions

Which campus is this program located at?

The CT Technologist Training Program is located at the Sylvania Campus.

What are the clinical sites that participate?

The clinical sites vary from year to year. Some are out-patient imaging centers, and some are hospitals. All applicants will be contacted with a site preference sheet after the final clinical sites have been determined.

Do I have to find my own clinical site?

No. You apply to the PCC CT Technologist Training Program and the sponsoring clinical sites will select their student(s) from the applicant pool after all applicants have completed their job shadow/interview that PCC assigns you.

Can I recommend a clinical site?

Yes. Please notify us if you know of a clinical training site that might be interested in participating in our training program. We have to have a contract with each site, so we need plenty of time to get the paperwork in place for any new clinical affiliate.

What are the hours of the program?

Classes begin on the first Tuesday of Winter Term and are held in the evening from 7pm-9pm. You will be given a schedule at the first class, but typically, you meet again at Finals. The remainder of the work is done online, at your own pace. Clinical hours may be any day of the week – both day and evening shifts. Clinical shifts (hours and days) are coordinated with the sponsoring clinic or hospital, however, clinical hours are typically day shift hours – Monday thru Friday.

What are the biggest challenges for CT students?

Trying to work during the program. Your clinical training hours are typically during the day shift – as a result, trying to coordinate work hours while completing your CT clinical hours is the greatest challenge. The didactic classes are primarily online courses. Staying disciplined to complete online work is also a challenge.

Do I get paid for my hospital/clinical experience in the program?


Am I guaranteed a job at the clinical site after I finish my training?


Once I complete the program will I be licensed or certified?

Once you complete the program you will be eligible to take the ARRT national certification examination. When you pass that exam, you will then be certified in CT by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).