Careers in Marketing

An ideal candidate in marketing will work to serve a variety of functions within business. Opportunities exist in world of commerce, industry, and merchandising. Marketing professionals normally work in advertising, direct sales, distribution, purchasing, retailing, manufacturing, and other commercial and industrial firms.

What will I do on the job?

As a graduate of this program, you will have a wide range of job opportunities: direct sales, direct mail, telemarketing, convention and trade show promotions, distribution, visual displays, developing sales and marketing channels, buying, scheduling and managing personnel, supervising and managing a selling floor, developing visual displays, handling an order desk, planning sales and promotions, producing print or radio ads, industrial and institutional sales, and assisting a manufacturer’s representative. .

What skills will I use on the job?

In the high-energy field of marketing, successful professionals are flexible, creative and highly motivated. You will possess the following skills: sales techniques, human relations skills, buying, management, use of computers in business, organization, speech and communication, accounting, planning and cash flow management.

Who will hire me?

Excellent employment opportunities exist in the Northwest and throughout the U.S.

How much can I earn?

Starting annual salaries in the Portland area range from approximately $17,000 to $36,000. Marketing and merchandising businesses offer opportunities for rapid advancement in both earnings and position. Advancement depends entirely on personal effort.