Bioscience Technology

Bioscience lab

Bioscience lab

At Rock Creek's Bioscience Technology laboratory, students enrolled in the program spend 20 or more hours per week in the lab learning the equipment and techniques used in bioscience facilities. This in-depth experience leads to mastery of a broad skill set required for work as a technician in the industry or in academic research.

Students begin in the fall term by learning lab safety, proper measuring techniques, equipment calibration and verification, and standards of documentation. Through the certificate coursework, students in the program become proficient in the use of common laboratory equipment, including micropipettes, pH meters, analytical balances, and spectrophotometers.

The courses offered in winter and spring terms offer opportunities to expand on these foundational skills and carry out more advanced protocols such as gel electrophoresis and ion exchange chromatography. Students utilize these advanced skills as part of extended projects, including the cloning of recombinant genetic sequences in bacterial vectors and the purification of individual enzymes from cells.

Across the laboratory courses in the program, participants engage their critical thinking skills and develop the ability to troubleshoot procedures in the lab. Attention to detail, precision in following protocols, clear oral and written communication, and teamwork are all emphasized in the lab. Upon completion of the Bioscience Technology AAS degree, graduates have over 1,000 hours of hands-on technical experience in the lab and are ready to join the bioscience workforce.