Student Profiles

Mike Lane

Mike Lane

Since his graduation he's been a pilot for CommuteAir on the East Coast and a flight instructor for Hillsboro Aviation. He had been flying props all his life until he applied to SkyWest last spring and took a few months of training to be certified on the twin-engine regional jet. Now, he's an integral part of the company's commercial flights. He flies a 50-seat Bombardier CRJ 200 jet all over the West Coast, from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs and Vancouver, B.C. Read more about Mike's story.

Nicole Ludwig

Nicole flying helicopter over the Grand Canyon

Ludwig flies for Grand Canyon Helicopters, piloting scenic flights. The flights are between 30-50 minutes long and bring the passengers over some of the most remote and beautiful areas in the vicinity.

"Flying over the Grand Canyon is thrilling and exhilarating," said Ludwig. "If you love nature as I do, it is the place to be. Most of the passengers are eager to see the canyon from the air."

Ludwig, 36, grew up in Sagogn in the Swiss Alps. As a young child, living in the shadows of the Swiss Mountains she got hooked on helicopters by watching rescue choppers hover over the town. Read more about Nicole's story.