Aviation Science

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Steps to apply

Applying to this program involves many detailed steps. Refer to this page often - following these steps closely will give you a competitive edge!

Complete steps for new students

On the admissions form, choose Associate of General Studies for your program. Once you've been accepted into the program, your major will be updated.

Attend an information session

Get questions answered and an overview of the application process.

Read the welcome and overview

Learn more about the program, what classes you'll be taking, and funding your flight training.

Complete prerequisites

Before applying, you must demonstrate that you've completed Math 60, Writing 115, and Reading 115. Follow the steps under Plan your first term to either submit transcripts, get placement scores, or submit high school grades.

Obtain a FAA Medical Certificate (optional)

Join Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association to do turbo medical questionnaire. Make an appointment with AME for an FAA class II medical certificate: find AME in your area. Once completed, scan your FAA Class II Medical (you'll upload it to the application later).

Secure funding

Proof of funding is required for your first term of flight training. You can use one or more of the following to fund your training:

  • Apply for Financial Aid: students receiving VA benefits are encouraged to apply for financial aid Note: You can accept grants and still decline loans if you want.
  • Wells Fargo loan or private loans.
  • If receiving VA benefits, apply for your COE (Certificate of Eligibility). Contact the Veterans Benefits Office to start the process. (We cannot accept DD214.)

Scan all financial documents into your computer - you'll upload copies to the application.

Choose helicopter or airplane

If you're undecided, you might consider contacting HAA to schedule a demo flight: $69 each for actual hands-on experience

Complete consent to release forms

We use an online consent to release form to allow us to communicate with HAA and FAA regarding your training. Without these consent forms, you will not be accepted into the program. Log in to MyPCC and fill this form out twice (once for HAA and once for FAA).

Research locations

PCC and HAA offer the full degree program at two locations in the Portland metro area. Driving time is the same (20 minutes) from PCC to the airport on each side of town.

  • East side: PCC Southeast campus and HAA Troutdale airport
  • West side: PCC Rock Creek campus and HAA Hillsboro airport

Write your cover letter

In 350 words or less, discuss your career goals and experience in aviation. Feel free to include volunteer experience or membership with aviation organizations, also if you applied the previous term and were not accepted.

Complete the application

2/13/2018: We are in the process of reviewing applications for spring term and will notify applicants of their status over the next two weeks.

Note to VA-funded students only: We have just received an additional set of required changes from the VA. The changes are minor, but we will not be able to accept new VA-funded students for spring term. We will continue to work towards receiving our approval to accept new VA-funded students for summer term, and will post updates here as changes occur.

Contact us if you have questions about the application process.