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Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT)


The program has 15 aircraft (10 fixed-wing and 5 rotary-wing) used exclusively for AMT instructional purposes. Additional instructional resources used for student training include six Westinghouse J-34 turbojet engines, six Allison 250 turboshaft engines and six Lycoming O-320 reciprocating engines. The program also provides many other examples of

Beechcraft Cessna 150 Hughes 500 Beechcraft QueenAir Model 65 Turbo-AeroCommander 680T O23 Hiller Piper Tomahawk Cessna 305A Cessna 310Q Cessna P337 Skymaster Piper Huey

Fixed-wing Aircraft

  • Turbo-AeroCommander 680T (Twin turbo-prop)
  • Beechcraft QueenAir Model 65 (Former Dept. of the Interior)
  • Cessna 150M (Single engine trainer)
  • Cessna 150 (Structure only)
  • Cessna 305A, (Also called L-19 "Bird-dog" by military, former U.S. Army)
  • Cessna 310Q (Twin reciprocating engines)
  • Cessna P337 Skymaster (Pressurized cabin/twin)
  • Piper Tomahawk PA-38 (Single engine trainer)
  • Piper Cherokee PA-28 (Structure only)

Rotary-wing Aircraft (Helicopters)

  • Huey, Bell UH-1H (Turbine powered, former Army National Guard)
  • McDonnell Douglas/Hughes 369A (Turbine powered, OH-6A military designation)
  • Bell 47 (Model 47-G2), (OH-13H military designation, former U.S. Army)
  • UH-12C Hiller (Also called OH-23C, former U.S. Army)
  • UH-12C Hiller (Also called OH-23C, former U.S. Army)