Asian Studies

Asian Studies Activities, 2014-2015

  • May 2014: Asian Studies Focus Award Celebration featuring the Oregon Korean Performing Arts performed classical Korean dance, complete with startling percussion! 13 students qualified to receive the award.
  • October 2014: Martha Bailey attended ARCAS (Association of Regional Centers for Asian Studies) meeting in Seattle, WA.
  • January 2015: Jeff Haynes and Lori O’Hallerin from the University of Oregon discussed PCC as part of the Oregon East Asia Network. This means that PCC is eligible to bring in speakers from the network. PCC faculty can also serve as speakers at other member institutions. Committee began the groundwork for the first of three summer workshops held by UO for PCC faculty and Lane CC’s.
  • February 2015: Jeffer Daykin attended Community Colleges for International Development Conference (CCID).
  • April 30 – May 1: Dona Cady of Middlesex CC presented to members of Internationalization Steering Committee and Asian Studies Committee.
  • April 2015: Committee decided on graduation regalia for students receiving Asian Studies Focus Award. Cords will be presented to students along with the focus award.
  • May 2015: Committee stationed a table at the CultureSEast event, held at Southeast campus.
  • May 2015: Asian Studies Focus Award Celebration featuring PCC’s Dr. Suzanne Johnson gave a demonstration in Japanese Martial Arts Iaido. Consular General Furusawa opened the ceremony after speaking to students from History and Japanese Language courses. The following 15 students were eligible for the award: Frank Anderson, Shannon L. Boulden, Jimmy Cline, Chris Ezell, Josie Gidding, Crystal Heath, Brian Knoche, Jessie Le, Larry Loose, Kevin Nunez, Joshua Rios Salazar, Jazmine Shade, Austin Lee Tretwold, Kelvin Weesner and Carl Payne.
  • August 2015: The University of Oregon as a Title VI East Asia National Resource Center hosted a summer Korean Studies workshop developed by U of O in partnership PCC's Asian Studies faculty. Scholars in Korean history, language, film, and art from UO and beyond led the various sessions.