Asian Studies

2014 Asian Studies Focus Award Celebration

On May 21st, 2014 in the Sylvania PAC Lobby, from 11:30- 1:00 pm, as part of the Asian Studies Focus Award, The Oregon Korean Performing Arts performed classical Korean dance, complete with startling percussion!

The lead dance performer/instructor is Mrs. Seunghee Ji has organized and taught her students for the past seven years, and performed in various venues.

The event is sponsored by: International Initiatives Committee, SY Multicultural Center, Asian Studies Focus Award Committee, Japanese department, Tokai Carbon, USA.

Congratulations to these 13 students who qualified for the Asian Studies Focus Award:

  • Seth Anderson
  • William Atwood
  • Victoria Bartscherer
  • Victor Bingham
  • Oliver Coffey
  • Martina Dick
  • Austin Ek
  • Michael Hoth
  • Julia Meek
  • Haolan Shao
  • Jimmy Smiley
  • David Taylor
  • Preston Tracey
  • Miciah Weaver