Addiction Counseling

Admission to the program

The Addiction Counseling program accepts 20 students each Fall, Winter and Spring Term. Students are selected based on a point system. In the case that we have more than 20 applicants with the maximum number of points, we will use a lottery for admission. For information on how to receive points, see the advising guide. Please check your PCC email regularly during the admission process. All communication related to your application and admission will be done through your PCC email account.

When to apply

Application deadlines
Term you want to start First chance to apply Deadline
Fall 2019 July 8, 2019 July 19, 2019
Winter 2020 October 14, 2019 October 25, 2019

Complete prerequisite classes

The following prerequisite classes are available at Portland Community College. If you believe you have met the core requirements of any of these classes at other colleges, please contact to have your transcripts "unofficially" evaluated to determine completion of requirements. Your classwork may need to be evaluated by the Department Chair as well, before you will be advised on whether your previous coursework meets PCC class requirements.

  1. WR 121 – English Composition I
  2. LIB 101 – Library Research and Beyond
  3. AD 101 – Addiction
  4. AD 153 – Theories of Counseling
  5. AD 160 – Basic Counseling Skills

(AD 101, AD 153 and AD 160 are not listed as prerequisites in the catalog but are considered "admission requirements" and thus, essentially, prerequisites.)

All prerequisite classes must be completed or in-progress at the time you are applying. These classes must also be completed with a 'C' or better by the time you begin the program to remain eligible for admission.

Students must also be in "good" or "warning" academic standing.

It is strongly recommended that students pursuing a career as an Addiction Counselor should have strong computer skills. Those with few skills should consider taking CAS 100A. Those who have basic skills but know they could improve should consider taking CAS 133. See an advisor for more direction in choosing the right class for you.

Receiving admission points

  • Points will be assigned for all classes that are complete or in progress during the time of application.
  • The Addiction Counseling program bases admission on points. Students get 1 point each for taking PSY 239, AD 102 and AD 106. Please talk with an advisor to plan your classes so that you will be accepted into the program as soon as possible.
  • All coursework that you receive points for are required for both the Addictions Certificate and the Addiction Counseling AAS Degree, and are not additional requirements.
  • For information on other classes you can take prior to entry into the program and those that receive admission points see the advising guide.

Complete application

  1. You have two options to complete the Addiction Counseling Program Application.
    1. You can complete the application as a PDF, which includes three Verification Forms to be filled out by three people you choose to verify you have not abused drugs an/or alcohol in the past 21 months.
    2. You can complete the application online. If you choose this option, you will also need to send this Verification Form link to three people you choose to verify you have not abused drugs and/or alcohol for the past 21 months. They will follow the link and complete the form.
    Do not complete either application before the admission period opens for the Cohort you are applying for. Students who have applied in the past six months can reapply, if they choose, with a one page reapplication form. Contact the Admissions Coordinator to receive this form.
  2. Include unofficial transcripts from colleges/universities you have attended other than Portland Community College.
    • You do not need unofficial transcripts if you have had your transcripts officially evaluated by Student Records, and your transcripts are on file with PCC.
    • If you are currently enrolled in coursework at another college you must provide proof of enrollment with your application listing any required classes that are in progress. Your grade for this class must be received in admissions within one week after the grade is posted.

Admission notification

Within two weeks of the end of the admission period you will receive notification via PCC email of your admission status. If you have been accepted into the program, you will be required to attend a mandatory Addiction Counseling New Student Orientation and required to submit a first draft of your resume to our program Employment Specialist. Please check your PCC email for these important notifications.

Applicants who qualify, but who are not admitted, will be notified of their status as a program alternate. Often, alternates are eventually selected for the program. Alternates will be listed in order of points or, in the likely case of having more than 20 applicants with the top number of points, by lottery. Please consider reapplying next term if you are an alternate. See the Admissions Advisor to determine the quickest way to be accepted into the program

Recommended counseling

We strongly recommend that you have recently received or are currently receiving personal counseling. There are several reasons for a potential counselor to receive counseling. It is important to consider your motivation when entering any type of counseling program. A professional counselor can help you examine your motivations, resolve issues that may be negatively impacting your decision and reinforce your positive motivations. The most powerful tool you have as a counselor is your own self-awareness and psychological health. Participating in counseling as a client facilitates the development of empathy for those who seek counseling services. In other words, it helps you to understand what it feels like to be a client.

PCC's Counseling Services provides free, professional counseling services to both current and future students. Counseling Services and the Addiction Counseling program can recommend other low and no-cost counseling services in the Portland area.