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Remote Non-Credit Hospitality Programs

Making a career out of helping others can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you want to be a travel agent, a wedding planner, or even a pastry artist, these online hospitality training programs can help you get started.

The focus on management and planning helps people with experience in hospitality training to expand their skill set to prepare them for the next more.

Our self-paced remote training programs enable you to acquire new skills or enhance the ones you have – when it is convenient for you to do so.

Ama de Casa Bilingüe

Remote Ama de Casa
Los estudiantes aprenden todos los aspectos de la capacitación en el hogar desde la limpieza de las habitaciones, superficies y objetos hasta saber qué productos de limpieza usar y qué herramientas se necesitan para realizar el trabajo correctamente. Los estudiantes comprenderán cómo lavar la ropa y cómo hacerlo, y las diversas técnicas para separar, lavar, secar y planchar.

Los estudiantes aprenden sobre la organización del hogar y la administración del tiempo, comenzando con los fundamentos de cómo organizar un cajón, un armario, un armario y una sala. En esta sección, también aprenden cómo administrar su tiempo y crear listas.

Los estudiantes aprenden los principios básicos de la cocina para que estén familiarizados con cocinar una comida básica, poner una mesa y servir. Aprenderán sobre ollas, sartenes y utensilios para cocinar. Aprenderán sobre cubiertos, cristalería, porcelana y cómo colocarlos en una mesa cuando sirvan comidas informales o formales.

Los estudiantes aprenden sobre salud y seguridad cuando trabajan en una casa para que estén preparados para emergencias e incidentes inesperados.

Finalmente, el estudiante que aprenda de Ama de Cas Bilingüe aprenderá a hablar inglés en el trabajo para la profesión de limpieza – vocabulario y frases útiles

You can expect to learn all aspects of developing a career in housekeeping such as the various job titles and description of how to work in these capacities. In this part of the course, you will discover your skills and which ones you need to improve upon. You will learn how to prepare for a job, interview and get hired. You will also learn the important elements of how to maintain professional conduct on the job even up to the point of changing jobs.

You’ll learn all aspects of household training from cleaning rooms, surfaces and objects to knowing which cleaning products to use where and what tools are needed to get the job done properly. You’ll gain an understanding of laundry and how to do and the various techniques for separating, washing, drying and ironing.

You’ll learn about household organization and time management beginning with the fundamentals of how to organize a drawer, cabinet, closet and room. In this section, you’ll also learn how to manage your time and create lists.

You’ll learn the kitchen basics so that you’re familiar with cooking a basic meal, setting a table, and serving. You will learn about pots, pans, and utensils used to cook a meal. You will learn about flatware, glassware, china, and how to place these on a table when serving informal to formal meals.

Learn more about Ama de Casa Bilingüe.

Basic Housekeeping

Remote Basic Housekeeping

The Basic Housekeeping course will teach the necessary skills needed to start or advance a career in housekeeping. You will build a foundational skill set that can be used to work at private residences or hospitality groups like hotels and resorts. You will also learn the important elements of professional conduct, such as creating a resume, interviewing, accepting or rejecting job offers, and more.

This course covers household cleaning techniques, such as proper use of cleaning materials and tools. You will also gain an understanding of laundry, from separating and washing to drying and ironing. You will also learn about organization, time management, and other fundamental aspects of effective housekeeping including kitchen service and basic childcare. Upon completion of the course, you will have a well-rounded and diverse skill set that would make you a valuable addition to any employer.

Learn more about basic housekeeping.

Catering Professional

Remote Catering

The Catering Professional provides the foundational skills needed for a career in the catering and events industry by teaching the elements of catering services, including overseeing events and functions, and collaborating with other catering services. You will gain the ability to plan for successful food preparation and apply beverage management requirements.

This course will also demonstrate best practices for marketing a catering business, considerations for preparing and executing contracts, effectively manage human resources, and applying basic accounting principles. It will also prepare you for the Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE) through the National Association for Catering and Events.

Learn more about becoming a catering professional.

Corporate Event Planner

Remote Event Planner

Do you have a knack for putting together great parties and events? Are you someone with great attention to detail? If so, a career as a Corporate Event Planner could be perfect for you. Learn everything you need to know in this Corporate Event Planner course including how to plan, design, and execute a successful corporate event, and how to charge for corporate event planning services.

Corporate events span all industries and are planned for a variety of occasions and celebrations. Corporations and their employees celebrate many milestones and accomplishments within the lifespan of the growth and evolution of its people, products, and successes so there are unlimited opportunities in this field. From special events and meetings to assemblies, recognition events and corporate training—you’ll be prepared to handle them all! Upon successfully completing the course, you will be awarded a Certified Corporate Event Planner certification from the Wedding Planning Institute.

Learn more about becoming a corporate event planner.

Event Management and Design

Remote Event Management

The Event Management and Design Online Training course will equip you with the knowledge to advance in the field if you’re already working in special events, or it will prepare you to enter the profession with an understanding of the industry. You’ll build a foundation that you can use to build a career in special events or start your own special event business.

This course is split up into two modules: Special Event Management and Special Event Design and Decoration. Each module includes multiple units complete with interactive presentations. Corporate events, weddings, parades, festivals, and more are covered. You’ll learn about the practicalities of planning events and the dazzle of designing them. From permits to pyrotechnics, this course will teach you how to design, plan, implement, and evaluate special events. Learn to create spectacular special events with the Event Management and Design Online Training course!

Learn more about event management and design.

Wedding Planner

Remote Wedding Planner

Wedding planners combine creativity and organization to help happy couples celebrate the most important day of their lives. Train for a career surrounded by celebratory events!

In this course, you will master the fundamentals of planning, orchestrating, and delivering stunning weddings and parties. This course allows you to earn your certification as a professional wedding planner and will give you an opportunity to put your new skills to work in an optional internship. Lastly, it includes the opportunity to receive notifications on internships in your area to get hands-on experience.

Internship Opportunity

This course also provides you with information on customized internships. You will receive notifications on internships in your area. It is also possible for you to receive invitations to industry conferences and events.

This internship is an opportunity for you to get hands-on experience in wedding and special event planning. An internship enables you to apply your new knowledge and skills in a work setting while making important professional connections.

An internship can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career. Typical internships can be as short as a few hours of working on an event and often last up to six months. Internship opportunities may be paid or non-paid. In many cases, these positions lead to employment.

Learn more about becoming a wedding planner.

Plan de Estudios del Curso de Certificación de Organización de Bodas y Eventos

Remote Event Plan

Los Planificadores de Bodas combinan creatividad y organización para ayudar a las parejas a celebrar el día más importante de sus vidas. Entrenados para una carrera rodeada de eventos de celebración!

En este programa, usted dominará los fundamentos de la planificación, la realización y la entrega de bodas y fiestas impresionantes. Este programa le permite obtener su certificación como Planificador de Bodas Profesional y le dará la oportunidad de poner sus nuevas habilidades para trabajar en una pasantía opcional.

Wedding planners combine creativity and organization to help happy couples celebrate the most important day of their lives. Train for a career surrounded by celebratory events!

In this course, you will master the fundamentals of planning, orchestrating, and delivering stunning weddings and parties. This course allows you to earn your certification as a professional wedding planner and will give you an opportunity to put your new skills to work in an optional internship.

Oportunidad de Prácticas

Este programa también le proporciona información sobre prácticas personalizadas. Recibirá notificaciones sobre pasantías en su área. También es posible que reciba invitaciones para conferencias y eventos de la industria.

Esta pasantía es una oportunidad para que usted pueda obtener experiencia práctica en la boda y en la planificación de eventos especiales. Una pasantía le permite aplicar sus nuevos conocimientos y habilidades en un entorno de trabajo y al mismo tiempo hace importantes conexiones profesionales.

Una pasantía puede ser una de las experiencias más gratificantes de su carrera. Las prácticas típicas pueden ser tan cortas como unas pocas horas de trabajo en un evento y con frecuencia duran hasta seis meses. Las oportunidades de pasantía pueden ser pagadas o no pagadas. En muchos casos, estas posiciones conducen al empleo.

Al registrarse, se le dan los primeros nueve (9) meses para completar este programa.

Learn more about Plan de Estudios del Curso de Certificacion de organizacion de Bodas y Eventos.

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