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Xerox Fleet Program

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The Xerox Fleet Program is an optional copier service program offered by the PCC Print Center. Through the program, your department (or a group of departments) can lease or purchase a multifunctional copy device or fax machine. Depending on the device configuration you choose, potential services may include:

  • copying hard-copy originals
  • printing from USB
  • printing from computer workstations
  • scanning to a USB drive
  • scanning to email
  • faxing capabilities
  • usage tracking through the use of Copier IDs.

By sharing one or more Xerox Fleet Program devices, your department gains physical office and storage space as well as saves money on labor, technical support, and supplies. To save on labor and space, supplies for your devices are shipped automatically as the supply runs low, based off the cloud-based inventory system used to automate this process.

Benefits of the Xerox Fleet Program

Regardless of whether you lease or purchase a printer you will receive:

  • ability to customizing your device and its capabilities
  • ability to track usage via Copier IDs
  • delivery and installation of your device, coordinated by the Print Center
  • training on how to use the device during installation and afterward, as needed
  • quick service if your device ever breaks
  • all 8.5×11″ white and pastel copy paper
  • all toner and device parts
  • delivery of all device supplies (toner, replacement parts, and paper)
  • a recycling program for used toner cartridges and device supplies
  • easy, automatic monthly billing to your department’s FOAP for program services


More information about the Xerox Fleet Program

What do I do if my printer/copier breaks?

Call the PCC Print Hotline at: 971-722-7768 (PRNT) and choose option “1”. Our PCC-dedicated technician will troubleshoot the issue and determine if it’s an issue with the machine or the PCC network. If it is a network issue, it will be referred to the PCC Service Desk. If the issue is at the machine level, the technician will escalate the service call to priority level, with the arrival of the specialized technician typically within a 4-hour window (within business hours, 8am-5pm except holidays.) All machine servicing is included in the program.

Is paper included in the Xerox Fleet Program?

Yes, white and pastel 8.5×11″ copy paper is included in the program. As your paper supply runs low, the key operator for your device will need to order it online using the request included paper for Panther Print and Xerox Fleet Programs form.

To order paper of any other size, weight, or color, your key operator should submit the purchase custom paper form instead. Paper ordered using this form will be charged to your FOAP account or can be paid for with cash or credit card.

How do I order and receive supplies?

All toner and supplies for the enrolled device, aside from paper, are delivered automatically to the key operator. As supplies run low, the cloud-based inventory system is alerted and new supplies are shipped. Under normal circumstances, you should never have to call for supplies, but in the event of an emergency, you can call the PCC Print Hotline at 971-722-7768 (PRNT).

If your department is managing multiple devices, you can easily determine which device the supply shipment is for by referencing the asset name on the shipment label with the sticker on your device.

How do I recycle my used supplies?

After you’ve replaced your used toner cartridge or supply, place the used cartridge or supply in the box the new one came in tape it closed. Request a pick-up for intercampus mail for the box to be delivered to the Print Center in Sylvania CC 116. From the Print Center, the supplies will be shipped to Xerox in bulk for recycling.

Is participation in the Xerox Fleet Program mandatory?

No, the Xerox Fleet Program is not mandatory, but it is an excellent cost-saving option for your department. By eliminating non-networked printers and switching to a shared multifunctional device, you’ll see immediate savings on equipment, toner, supplies, and paper costs, as well as save energy, labor, and time. Additionally, your department can further mitigate printing costs by implementing some of these energy-saving tips for printing.

What’s the difference between the Panther Print and Xerox Fleet Programs?

The two programs are very similar in that members receive the same services and the devices are all linked to the PCC network. However the two main differences between the programs are:

  1. Xerox Fleet Program members actually lease (or purchase) a Xerox multifunctional device through the Print Center and pay a monthly lease fee (or purchase price and timeline, per contract) for the machine and all services. Included in the lease fee or purchase price are all the machine technical services, supplies, training, accounting via Copier ID, and white/pastel 8.5×11” copy paper.
  2. Panther Print Program members continue to use their current devices but now pay “per-click” (printed side of the page) that the machine makes. Included in this per-click cost are all the machine technical services, supplies, and white/pastel 8.5×11″ copy paper.
How does the Xerox Fleet Program save my department (and the college) money?

Removing local, desktop printers and moving toward the use of shared, networked Xerox Fleet multifunctional devices will save time, labor, energy, and money for the college. With the Xerox Fleet Program, all 8.5×11″ white and pastel copy paper, toner and supplies for the device, technical service, training, as well as accounting via Copier IDs are all included in the monthly lease fee.

Additionally, Xerox Fleet machines are included in an automated, cloud-based inventory system, negating the need to manually order toner and machine supplies, other than paper. Supply shipments will be delivered to the key operator (primary contact person) for the device. PCC anticipates significant energy savings from the Xerox Fleet device models as well reduced labor with the automated inventory system.

Who is our print service provider and how were they chosen?

Through a request for bids from local vendors and extensive research and vetting, CTX won the contract to be PCC’s print service partner, and currently manages the fleet of networked devices across the district. Additionally, all leased and purchased devices through the Xerox Fleet Program will be provided by CTX. Working with one service provider for the college allows us to negotiate low rates for service and supplies, as well as offers the ability to deliver the reports and data necessary to meet PCC’s overarching strategic goals.