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Design services

The Print Center offers a full range of design services for both print and digital projects. These services range from art direction and marketing campaign management to project coordination with vendors and of course, design. Our team of designers is eager to take on any project, no matter the scale.

Update an existing project

Currently, updates to existing projects are billed hourly at $5 per 5 minutes of work. To request design updates, place an online order. Be sure to:

  1. reference your project’s file number in the provided section.
  2. Type text updates in the ‘Additional Notes’ section, or upload a Word .doc in the ‘File Upload’ section.
  3. attach any necessary files for image updates.

Note: If you have more than one file to send, please create a folder of the necessary files via Google Drive and share it with the Print Center at printcen@pcc.edu.

Create a new project

New design projects can be billed hourly, by project, or contract-based. Contact our Print Specialists to discuss which pricing model fits your needs. Consultations are free of charge, so feel free to reach out to our Graphic Designers for more information.

For a free consultation from our Graphic Designers:

  1. Submit the creative brief request, making sure to attach any existing or inspirational files.
  2. Request a printing cost estimate from the Print Center if your project involves printing and time allows for this step.
  3. Meet one-on-one with one of our Designers to provide any necessary information and receive recommendations.
  4. Review the Design Cost Estimate and/or Confirmation of Work Agreement the Designer sends over after the meeting, making sure all expectations are met.
  5. If you are proceeding with hourly pricing ($60 per hour) Place an online order. If you’ve received a printing estimate, list the estimate number in the ‘Additional Notes’ section of the form. If you choose to move forward with project-based pricing, the Graphic Designer will prepare a Confirmation of Work Agreement to be signed and returned to confirm your order.