Achievements of PCC Prep Students in 2008 - 2009

We're proud of the achievements of our PCC Prep students! We believe that although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

Gateway Graduates

In 2008 - 2009, 1346 students worked toward their goals.

Gateway to College

Our Goal:
diploma and transition to college or career
Our Achievements:
  • 381 students served in Gateway
  • 38 students earned their diploma
  • 3.11 average GPA of students earning diploma
  • 96 average number of college credits earned by graduates
Tonya McGonigal

GtC Grad: Tonya McGonigal

From High School Student to University Graduate

"I started the Gateway to College program when I was 16 and graduated four years later with a diploma and an Associate’s Degree. I am currently enrolled at Portland State University and am excited to graduate in March 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management and another in General Business Management. Gateway to College gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and achieve more than I ever thought possible.  Through the experiences I had in Gateway to College I grew into a responsible and successful adult."

Multicultural Academic Program

Our Goal:
advanced level of language proficiency and transition to Gateway or YES!
Our Achievements:
  • 308 students served in MAP
  • 67% students who attended three consecutive terms moved up one stage of language proficiency
  • 20 students moved to either Gateway or YES GED programs
  • 9 former MAP students earned either a diploma or a GED

From Little English to a Bachelor’s Degree and a Great Job

Vera Zhakharova

Vera Zhakharova

"I came to the United States at the age of 17 from Moldova. My level of English was so low that I could barely understand what was going on around me. None of my family members spoke English. There was no time for books and classes. I had to work to support my extended family. I was happy at my fist job where I made minimum wage. However, very soon I realized that I would not be able to achieve any successes without more education. I started taking MAP ESL classes. I wanted to improve my English skills, earn my GED, and then enroll into the Gateway to College Program where I could get my high school diploma and college credits simultaneously. Ultimately, I wanted to earn a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. The MAP program and my hard work and persistence have paid off! I am now 25 years old, have BA in Accounting, and earn $60,000 per year as an accountant. In January 2010, I will start classes at PSU to earn my Master’s Degree."

Youth Empowered to Succeed

Our Goal:
GED certificate and transition to college or other post secondary options
Our Achievements:
  • 657 students served in YES
  • 284 students earned GEDs
  • More than 90% of the YES students achieved a passing score on each of the five GED tests.
  • YES! students have higher average GED test scores than their peers nationwide

YES! Student Charts His Future

Saber Burruss

Saber Burruss

"I’m a part of the YES program. When I came to PCC to get my GED, I didn’t have much money for classes or the GED testing. The YES program helped me pay for my testing and give me insight towards what I can do after getting my GED. I planned on getting my GED and getting a job right after; however being a part of the YES program has helped me see how PCC can help me further my education. Now, I’m debating whether I should stay at PCC and take more classes verses getting a job right away. In the end, the YES program will show you your options about staying in college and getting further in your life."

PCC Prep


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