Expanded Options Program: Applicants

Follow these steps to see if the EOP is right for you.

1. Do the research

To find out if your school is a participating partner with PCC, make an appointment to talk with your high school counselor.

2. Apply for admissions

Work with your counselor to complete any high school requirements and the college's EOP Admissions Application. Once PCC gets your application, you'll receive an acceptance email with your PCC ID number. We send the acceptance email to the address provided in the admissions form.

3. Take the college placement tests and wait for results

Complete testing 3 weeks before the college term begins. Testing times and locations are available through the PCC Testing Center.

If accepted, read the information provided for new and continuing students about parking, adding and dropping classes, avoiding charges, books, grades, ID cards, and other things you need to know about attending PCC.