Expanded Options Program: For Parents & Guardians

PCC is excited to provide students with the opportunity to earn concurrent college and high school credit through the Expanded Options Program (EOP). To participate in the EOP, your child will need approval through their high school counselor.

As your child enters college, some of your legal rights as a parent will change. In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, the legal right to access confidential educational records passes from you to your child. The only way PCC will release information to you, is to have your child complete the online "Consent to Release" using their MyPCC account. Even with this permission, the college does not allow instructors to be contacted directly for information about class performance, attendance, or behavior.

Please help us ensure your child understands he or she will be held to the same standards for academic progress and conduct as other PCC students. Encourage him or her to access, read, and understand the important information provided in the Student Resources links on the EOP page for new and continuing students.