Expanded Options Program: New & Continuing Students


Use MyPCC for online services and up-to-the-minute information. The college may contact you via your MyPCC email account and college and personal announcements. You are expected to read all electronic communications from PCC, and to respond when necessary.


EOP registration is conducted in the same way as regular college registration. Please consult PCC's Registration pages for detail.

Student Account

Check your student account regularly using PCC-Pay. If there is a tuition balance, we may be missing your school's billing authorization, or you may be enrolled in classes they did not approve. It is up to you to pay or to follow up with your school to get the authorization before the term begins. PCC does not send paper bills, so it is important for you to view your account during the first week of term.

If you take a course not specifically authorized by the school district, you will be held financially responsible must pay the full cost of the class.


Books are expensive! Talk with your high school to see if they will cover your book costs. Some high schools require students to buy the book and get reimbursed; others allow PCC to bill them for student book purchases. Either way, your high school will require you to provide the cost of required books and course materials, which is available though the PCC Bookstore.


You are responsible for your own transportation to and from campus. Information about parking, free shuttles and Tri-Met are available through PCC's Parking and Transportation office. If you purchase a parking permit, the amount will be charged to your student account and you will be required to pay by the term due date.


Grades are typically available one week after the end of finals week and are available through MyPCC. You will be expected to share your grades with your high school counselor.


As you enter college, the legal right to access confidential educational records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act passes from your parent to you. The only way PCC will release information to your parents or guardians, is to complete the online "Consent to Release" using your MyPCC account. Even with this permission, the college does not allow instructors to be contacted directly by parents or guardians for information about your class performance, attendance, or behavior.

Student Support

Touch base with the EOP Contact on the PCC Campus where you are attending classes whenever a problem develops. Most problems can be solved, but we can't help if we don't know that one exists. If you are struggling in class, the place to go for problems in class is to your instructor who can be contacted in class, during office hours, or through email. PCC also provides free tutoring services.

Behavioral Expectations

The college environment is designed for adults who are independent and self-managed. As such, students are expected to manage and be accountable for their own behaviors and to comply with the college’s behavioral guidelines, “Student Rights and Responsibilities." Younger students and their parents should be aware of the adult nature of the college environment, where it is likely that students will be exposed to ideas inside and outside of the classroom that may challenge their personal beliefs. Also, younger students and parents should recognize the inherent risk of participating in an open campus educational environment and students should practice behaviors which minimize risk to their person and property. The Dean of Student Development Office can assist you in these matters and answer questions about student behavioral expectations.  

ID Cards & Computers

ID Cards are optional but required for many on-campus activities, such as library, tutoring centers and shuttle services. Cards are currently obtained through Registration office.

Computers are located in the student services buildings, computer labs and/or libraries at each campus and should be used only for college-related purposes.