Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

The PCC Dual Credit program offers local high school students the opportunity to earn college and high school credit simultaneously before they receive their high school diploma. Benefits of the program are:

  • Enhances ability and skills to do college level work and aids students in gaining confidence for college success
  • Students may earn enough credit to gain advanced standing when admitted to college full-time and are entitled to register earlier for classes
  • Save money by receiving free college credit and shorten amount of time, after high school, required to complete at college
  • PCC credits are transferable to all college/universities within the Oregon University System, and many other institutions outside the state
  • Students entering the military may earn higher rank with earned college credit
  • Obtain PCC Student ID Card, use of PCC's Library and online Tutoring Services
  • Research shows Dual Credit students are more likely to finish college and earn more credits by the 2nd year of college

PCC Dual Credit Students Say

"(Receiving 8 PCC credits while in high school was) A great benefit! It’s a great feeling to kill two birds with one stone. It encouraged me to take certain classes since dual credit was offered and I really liked the feeling of accomplishment when the credits were earned. Saving money was a great plus too! If the credits will transfer it will be great, but if not that’s okay too because if for some reason I need to move to PCC then I will already have a start there too." Jessica, Forest Grove High School
"I have taken at least three classes that I have received (PCC) college credit for. I can transfer them to any school I plan on going to and they are free!" Olivia, Beaverton High School
"PCC Dual Credit not only helped me get a jump start on earning credits at the college level, it helped me save money." Andrew, St. Helens High School