Benefits for High Schools

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During 2013-14, there were 603 “articulated” Portland Community College courses taught at 49 area high schools by approximately 165 approved high school instructors. These articulated courses provided 5,268 students who earned 33,003 PCC credits the opportunity to transition smoothly to the next level of college courses following their high school graduation.

Benefits to High Schools Are:

  • Increased rigor of high school courses and better prepares students for college and careers after high school
  • Increased enthusiasm and motivation among instructors
  • Develops a collegial atmosphere between high school and PCC instructors, faculty and administrators by developing curriculum, sharing instructional methods, ideas and experiences that benefit the students
  • Coordinated curriculum helps ensure students meet college standards
  • Reduced redundancy of courses between high school and college
  • Improves student performance – Dual Credit students report higher GPAs and more total credits earned by the second year of college than students who do not take dual credit courses*
  • Prepares students for subsequent college coursework-Dual Credit students preform comparably or better in college courses than classmates who receive college-situated instruction*
  • Invitations to attend articulation connection meetings by subject area to address issues such as course content, course delivery, assessments, evaluation and professional development
  • Reimbursement for substitute costs if high school Dual Credit instructor attends an a Dual Credit event during the school day or a stipend for attending events outside of contract hours
  • Conference and certification renewal reimbursement up to $800 biannually for Dual Credit instructors to continue their professional development in their articulated field or renew a required certification.
  • Tuition reimbursement for Dual Credit instructor to take a PCC course in their subject area
  • Meets the goals of new achievement compacts for students to earn 9 college credits before graduation
  • Research shows high school graduation rates increase with students involved in CTE and/or Dual Credit

PCC Dual Credit Faculty Say…

  • “One of the best things about PCC Dual Credit is knowing the kids are saving money. It is like a scholarship.” – Jeff Smith, Sunset High School Instructor

  • “The Dual Credit program helped by students understand college course rigor.” – Greg Ptaszynski, Sherwood High School Instructor

*Source: Dual Credit in Oregon 2010 Follow-up: An Analysis of Students Taking Dual Credit in High School in 2007-08 with Subsequent Performance in College.