Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Steps to Admission

welding student

ECHS students enjoy learning coursework that relates directly to their career plans.

  1. First, you work with your high school counselor. Students work with their high school counselor to complete an application that includes a brief letter of interest describing your career goals and a letter of recommendation from a counselor. Students who are not currently attending high school, are home schooled or have unique circumstances are encouraged to contact us directly.
  2. Your counselor will submit your application to Early College. Completed applications are returned to the Early College office.
  3. You take a PCC Placement Test. Students take the PCC Compass test including Reading, Writing, and Math. PCC requires that students place into Reading 115, Writing 115 and Math 60.
  4. Your application is reviewed. You will receive notification of your admission status by mail.
  5. Before starting at PCC, you will attend:
    • a registration session
    • a parent meeting
    • an orientation

    You are ready to go to Early College! Classes start fall, winter and spring terms.

For step-by-step instructions on the application process, see the handy Next Steps Checklist. The program application is available to students residing in the Beaverton School District. To obtain an application, contact your high school counselor or the Early College High School Office, 971-722-7473.