ESOL - Hillsboro Language Lab

Faculty Contact: Steven Swint

students working in the language lab

The Hillsboro Center (HC) Computer Lab is available for all currently enrolled PCC students, faculty, and staff. It is a great place for ESOL students to learn how to type and use computers, practice English pronunciation and grammar, do homework, check email, and work on projects. ESOL students can borrow headphones and microphones in the ESOL Office.

Open Lab Hours

PCC students can use the Lab whenever a class is not in progress. Usually the lab is not available during morning hours (9am - 12 noon) and evening hours (6pm - 9pm). Check the schedule next to the door, or ask Steven.

Click for Summer Hours

PCC students can use the Lab during summer, Monday through Thursday, 8am to 4pm, when a class is not in session.

HC follows the eight-week Summer Term schedule. The building and its facilities close after Summer Finals Week and re-open the week before Fall Term begins.

Available Software

Microsoft Office 2007:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Keyboarding Pro
Beginning ESOL:
Live Action English, Oxford Picture Dictionary
ESOL Pronunciation:
American SpeechSounds
Advanced ESOL Reading:
Ultimate Speed Reader
Internet Browsers:
Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
ESOL Grammar:
Grammar in Context