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What Is the Portland Teachers Program (PTP)?


PTP is a partnership effort among Portland Public Schools (PPS), Portland Community College (PCC), Portland State University (PSU) and Beaverton School District (BSD). It is designed to recruit and help prepare culturally competent teachers, with a special focus on historically underrepresented groups in the teaching profession. As a retention/scholarship program, it assists selected students in completing teacher education through the regular coursework at PCC and PSU.

PTP is a nationally recognized program committed to diversity, equity, excellence and collaboration through the development of a multicultural workforce in the educational system. Over 130 students have graduated from the program, some of whom have gone on to become administrators. There are approximately 65 students currently in PTP.

Why Do We Need the Portland Teachers Program?

Developing a truly multicultural/multiethnic society requires educators who are not only academically prepared, but who can integrate the richness of their cultural heritage, and that of others, into every aspect of their teaching. Teachers with diverse backgrounds and experiences are critical to the education of all children as they prepare to join an increasingly diverse workforce where valuing and understanding differences are key to creativity, productivity and personal enrichment. These teachers serve as role models for all children, and can assist in breaking down the stereotypes that inform racism in American society. The need for teachers who reflect the growing diversity in public school classrooms is acute.

We are looking for students who have a passion for equity in education; who understand that education is political; who are deeply connected to their cultural/ethnic heritage; and who want to work hard to close the achievement gap for children of color and poor white children.