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First and foremost – to teach in an Oregon state approved CTE Program, each instructor must have an appropriate CTE license and/or endorsement specific to the program career area they are teaching.

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Programs of Study (POS

Along with Federal Guidelines, Purpose, and Intent, this section provides the information to understand the elements of a POS and how to Design, Develop and Apply for one.  Included are links to the current Applications on the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) site.

In the Approved POS section, all elements of the Approved POS applications that have been approved are listed and linked by School in the designated POS.  This is a resource to aid those who need to develop or apply for a POS renewal.  The hope is that what has been approved before will be a guide to what is being developed.

Design, Develop and Apply for a Program of Study

The design of a Program of Study (POS) is not a 1 time activity; once approved it remains a living document and must be maintained and updated to be in alignment with industry standards and practices.  Each Program of Study must be renewed every 4th year to assure it is still in alignment with State and Federal Guidelines for a Program of Study.

Each high school course receiving benefits from Perkins funds is required to have a current Program of Study approved by the Oregon Department of Education.  The intent is to combine technical, academic, and career knowledge and skills to prepare students for self-sufficiency and career success.

Work Based Learning

One of the changes with Perkins V is the focus from Technical Skills Assessment to Work Based Learning experiences. This includes broadening the scope of when and how students become aware of and learn about career options and opportunities and the expansion of work-based learning opportunities for all students. In order for these opportunities to be relevant and meaningful, the state has determined that four criteria need to be met. The continuum of learning and the four criteria are discussed on this page.

Meeting Spending Requirments

The reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Career & Technical Act of 2006 (Perkins V) continues to update and strengthen the accountability for the expenditure of these federal funds. This guide specifies how Region 2A’s Career and Technical Education division will be accountable for these federal funds, administered through the Oregon State Plan. It will also give teachers guidance on how to determine if an expenditure is allowable and the requisition process through PACTEC.