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Region 2-A Alliance Roles, Responsibilities & Purchase Requisition Process

Consortium Manager/Region 2A Regional Coordinator

  1. Hold a minimum of three (3) consortium meetings annually, ideally quarterly, including leading meetings, creating agenda based on member needs and Perkins requirements, and notifying members of meeting times and locations.
  2. Develop and implement a consortium plan addressing regional needs of members with an appropriate budget.
  3. Ensure timely and accurate reporting for the consortium.
  4. Maintain a signed copy of the annually updated Consortium Agreement with copies to each member.

Fiscal Agent

  1. Provide financial oversight and maintain accounting and billing records related to grant-funded programs.
  2. Disburse grant funds in compliance with state, federal, and institutional requirements.
  3. Ensure that appropriate accounting practices and fiscal controls are used and that expenses are allocated in accordance with grant requirements.
  4. Conduct internal reviews of grant-funded programs to ensure appropriate administration and fiscal management.


  1. Serve as the CTE Representative or appoint somebody else in your building to perform that function.
  2. Oversee the professional development of the CTE Instructors in your building and ensure that they are meeting the requirements of their Professional Development Plan before expending funds on the approved Programs of Study.
  3. Work with your appointed CTE Representative (if you have designated this duty) to approve Perkins Requests for Submission to the fiscal agent. Ensure that funds are being allocated based on Perkins Approved Programs of Study plan.
  4. Comply with the Federal, state, and local assurances described in this agreement. Certificate of Assurances must be signed before 2011-2012 Perkins funds can be spent.

Note: Building Administrators will also receive meeting notices and are invited, but not expected to attend if they have appointed a CTE Representative in their place.

CTE Representatives

  1. Serve as the primary point of contact for your school for Region 2A Consortium.
  2. Attend all consortium meetings. Communicate information received to administrative and CTE staff in a timely manner.
  3. Provide guidance to CTE teachers in your schools that will help them understand what is developing within our region and around the state in the newest technology, professional development programs, integration of academic and other innovations.
  4. Coordinate and administer the appropriate expenditure of Carl Perkins funds and the tracking of equipment purchased with such funds, including:
    1. Maintain Carl Perkins equipment inventory.
    2. Review Requests for Purchase Orders and Professional Development to insure they comply with Perkins 135 and obtain Administration signature.
    3. Maintain building Perkins budget.
  5. Complete and submit required reports in a timely and accurate manner, including:
    1. Complete CTE Program Update.
    2. Collect and submit year-end CTE data or assist designated staff person at your school.
    3. Submit final report materials such as activity and improvement plan outcomes.
  6. Promote CTE regional activities to students and teachers in your schools, including dual credit, professional development, and student events.
  7. Participate in evaluation and continuous improvement activities to improve Perkins approved Programs of Study.

CTE Instructors

  1. Familiarize yourself with this consortium agreement and the changes in Perkins IV. Refer to the appropriate uses of Perkins funds in this handbook when requesting purchases or professional development funding.
  2. Participate in the professional development according to your professional development plan and your Perkins approved Program of Study.
  3. Work with your CTE colleagues to evolve your existing approved program into Perkins IV-defined 9th-14th grade Programs of Study.
  4. Self-evaluate your program for the purpose of continuous improvement, which you will be responsible for completing as part of an on-going renewal cycle. Pay attention to new licensure requirements and renew in a timely manner.
  5. Seek guidance when interpreting Perkins requirements, certain policies can be confusing. Your CTE Representative and the Region 2A Regional Coordinator and staff are available to assist.
  6. Pursue opportunities for your students that will help them achieve their next steps: Dual Credit, Student Leadership Organizations, Career-Related Learning, and the offering of Credit For Proficiency or Applied Academics in your program’s coursework.

Region 2A Consortium Requisition Process


Each spring, prior to the submission of the Basic Grant Application, budgeting requests are submitted to the Region 2-A Coordinator.  After discussion and collaboration, a final list is included as part of the Grant Application and submitted to the Oregon Department of Education for review and approval.

Once Grant approval has been received from ODE, Sometime between July 1st and August 31st,  the PACTEC office prepares for the Fall purchasing cycle by preparing and emailing to each of the approved CTE teachers the 3-page Requisition form. Prior to being emailed to the individual teachers, each requisition form is prefilled with the basic financial and recipient information directly from the Basic Grant Application.

Only items requested in the original grant submission will be ordered with grant funds.  ANY and ALL changes must be reviewed and approved by the Regional Coordinator.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

It is the teachers’ responsibility to complete the form (see process below) with the suggested supplier and contact information, item description, item and part numbers as appropriate, item cost, and obtain the signature of their school’s principal or vice-principal as appropriate.

It is also the teacher’s responsibility to complete and sign page 3 – Non-Supplanting Form, to confirm that the requested purchase(s) comply with the Supplementing vs Supplanting Guidelines as set for by PERKINS V.

Once completed and signed all (3) pages of the Requisition must be returned to the PACTEC office for processing, either by email to jennifer.noble1@pcc.edu or FAX (971-722-7734) or US Mail.

Quick and Easy Process:
  • A partially completed Requisition Form will be emailed to each teacher in September.
  • Teacher will complete ALL necessary information needed on the form
  • Teacher will:
    • Obtain Principal review and signature
    • Return all  pages to Jenn Noble via one of the 3 options below:
      • Email: jennifer.noble1@pcc.edu
      • FAX: 971-722-7734
      • US Mail to Portland Community College
        17705 NW Springville Road
        Bldg 3 / 226
        Portland OR 97229
        Attn: Jennifer Noble