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Do you need to check on the status of your current license on the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission Inquiry?

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PCC Pathways to CTE Licensure

For CTE licensure applicants entering directly from industry, PCC and other community colleges offer a CTE pathway curriculum consisting of 19 credits that can be completed in less than one year that may be required to obtain a CTE teaching license. All CTE licensure applicants are required to take the Introduction to CTE course. It is offered at various community colleges.

Basic Licensure Overview

To teach in a State of Oregon approved CTE program, the instructor must have an appropriate CTE license; either a Restricted CTE Teaching License or Preliminary or above CTE Teaching License and/or endorsement specific to the program career area.

1 – The CTE Decision Chart may be the first step in guiding you through the process of obtaining the license and/or endorsements that you need to apply.


2 – The CTE licensure/application is a two-part process in Oregon. Applicants for CTE licenses apply both with the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC). In addition to completing one of the application types described below, applicants for CTE licenses must apply directly to TSPC for the license or endorsement they seek. Failing to apply to TSPC for the license or endorsement will result in an incomplete process.

● Applying directly from Business and Industry
Applicants from Business and Industry who are eligible for CTE licensure apply for the Restricted CTE License in the career area for which they are qualified to teach. The Restricted CTE Teaching License qualifies its holder to teach in an ODE-approved Career and Technical Education Program of Study in an Oregon school district, education service district, or charter school assignment. The Restricted CTE Teaching License is issued to qualified individuals who have at least an associate degree or equivalent, and relevant and documented industry work experience but have not completed a teacher preparation program.

● Adding a CTE endorsement to a current Oregon teaching license
Applicants holding a current Oregon teaching license may apply for a CTE Endorsement in the career area for which they are qualified to teach. Only Commission-adopted CTE endorsements may be added to teaching licenses. To add an endorsement to an existing teaching license, the applicant must complete the ODE-approved CTE application process, which may include completion of a CTE Professional Development Plan. ODE may require the licensed teacher to complete additional work experience or education through the CTE Professional Development Plan and the License for Conditional Assignment (LCA) process.

● Applying with a CTE license from another state
Applicants holding a non-CTE (regular) teaching license OR a CTE teaching license with CTE endorsement(s) from another state must complete the ODE Reciprocal CTE application process. Upon completion of the ODE CTE application process, the applicant may be eligible for the Restricted CTE, Preliminary CTE, or Professional CTE license, depending on the individual qualifications.

First Steps

Anyone wanting to apply for a CTE license should contact the appropriate Regional Coordinator. Mary Dakin is the interim Regional Coordinator for Region 2A (Washington County and West Columbia County). Mary and the PACTEC team will assist in assembling an Instructor Appraisal Committee and guide an applicant through the application process.

Instructor Appraisal Process Overview

The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) has been given statutory authority by the legislature to establish teaching licenses it considers necessary for the operation of public schools, and to prescribe the qualifications for such licenses. In addition, provisions have been made for the recruitment of teachers from business and industry. In order to fulfill these and other requirements, TSPC, with the assistance of the Oregon Department of Education, designed the Instructor Appraisal Process, leading to a three-year CTE I Career and Technical Education Teaching License.

The Instructor Appraisal Process (IAP) makes it possible for people from business and industry or from an education field with a regular teaching license to enter an approved CTE classroom as a teacher while participating in a professional development plan to support their success.

The following teaching licenses are eligible to hold CTE endorsements:
  • Restricted CTE Teaching License
  • Preliminary CTE Teaching License
  • Professional CTE Teaching License
  • Preliminary Teaching License
  • Professional Teaching License
  • Reciprocal Teaching License
  • Teacher Leader License
  • Legacy Teaching License
  • Emergency Teaching License

All applicants for a Career and Technical Education Teaching License must pass a review (in which candidates demonstrate technical proficiency and instructional qualifications) by an IAP and have recent (within five years) work experience in the CTE endorsement area at a technical skill level. The Preliminary CTE  License is valid for three years and is renewable.

  • The Restricted Career and Technical Education Teaching License is renewable upon completion of additional requirements.

As a professional evaluation of the candidate’s qualifications, the IAP verifies that the candidate has sufficient experience, knowledge and skills to be successful in the classroom, and meets the high standards expected of Oregon teachers. This process gives the candidate credit for life and career experiences. It also identifies areas where the candidate needs improvement and provides a Three-year St. Helens CTE Engineering-Survey ClassImprovement Plan designed for the candidate to acquire further experiences, to enhance their technical proficiency and instructional qualifications. If in the review of the applicant’s credentials and experience, the Instructor Appraisal Committee members feel a waiver of the work experience and/or associate degree would be appropriate, a waiver request process can be initiated.

A teacher who has received a special CTE license with an appropriate CTE endorsement through the IAP is authorized to teach only in Oregon Department of Education (ODE) approved CTE programs and may not be mis-assigned to teach in any other licensed program.

If you already have an active Preliminary Teaching License, Professional Teaching License, Teacher Leader License, Legacy Teaching License Counseling, you qualify for “Add an Endorsement”, and may not need to go through the IAC process.  Check with your Regional Coordinator or Perkins point person at your school.

Adding an Endorsement to a current license
AAS Degree / Work Experience Waiver

Teachers Standards and Practices Commission

The Restricted Career and Technical Education Teaching License is valid to teach in any Oregon Department of Education approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) program in any Oregon School District. The license is only transportable to other districts that have similarly approved ODE CTE programs in which the license is endorsed and authorized.  The license is valid only in CTE approved alternative education programs. The license is not valid to teach in other general education alternative education programs.

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