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Dual Credit vs. Perkins Programs of Study

The PACTEC office is home to two separate programs; Dual Credit and Perkins funding for Region 2-A Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study (POS).

Dual Credit

Dual Credit is a program through which high school students are given the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school.

Dual Credit teachers are qualified to teach the college level course in the high school building having been evaluated and approved by both the Division Dean overseeing their area of instruction and the Dean of Instruction for PCC.

Each Dual Credit teacher is required to have the same qualifications as an on campus PCC faculty member. The course they teach must provide the same content, course materials and outcomes as a PCC on campus class.

The benefit to the high school student:

  • Gaining college experience while in high school
  • Obtaining transcripted college credit while in high school
  • Obtaining college credit at no cost to the high school student, thus shortening the length of time after high school graduation required to complete a 2 year Associate’s or 4 year Bachelor’s Degree,

Students enrolling in the Dual Credit program are expected to understand their responsibilities regarding:

  • Submitting an Application of Admission to Portland Community College and be accepted
  • Registration process, timeline and deadlines
  • Withdrawal process and deadlines. Any grade earned in a Dual Credit class (including a D or F) becomes part of a student’s college transcript. Students cannot just “walk away” from a class without consequence.
  • If considering a transfer to a University, the student must be proactive in understanding what credits they will need and confirm with a chosen University whether the PCC coursework will be accepted to a degree program.

Perkins Funded CTE POS

A Program of Study (POS) provides the framework for building a Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.

Once approved the Program of Study assures that the CTE course is being taught to the highest industry standards. CTE courses provide High School students the opportunity to be introduced to careers and acquire skills that prepare them for a post- secondary choices in education or industry.

PACTEC is tasked with the fiscal oversight and management of the funds received from the Federal Carl Perkins Career & Technical Act administered through the Oregon State Plan. The purpose of the funds must improve and enhance the CTE Programs of Study.

The Basic Grant fund is used to purchase equipment, supplies and provide Professional Development for Region2-As 8 Consortium High School CTE teachers.

The Reserve Grant helps fund Professional Development opportunities CTE teachers in the Region 2-A Consortium and Direct Recipient Partner schools as well as support the PACTEC staff.

Once approved the Program of Study must be renewed every 4 years to assure the curriculum is meeting industry standards in each program area.

CTE Programs of Study in the State of Oregon are aligned with the Oregon Skill Sets in one of the following 6 Career Learning areas:

  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Arts Information and Communication
  • Business Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Health Services
  • Industrial & Engineering Systems