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Who we are

PACTEC stands for Portland Area Career Technical Education Consortium. Its members include eight school districts in the Washington and Columbia counties. The consortium also works with two school districts that are direct recipients of Perkins federal grant money and a Multnomah County alliance partner school district. The members, direct recipients, and an alliance partner are listed on the Alliance Members page. The staff of PACTEC, including the Regional Coordinator, Program Specialist, and Perkins Specialist support and assist the  170+ career technical programs in the Portland regional area.

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Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to assist the high schools in Region 2-A to provide strong educational options in the area of Career and Technical Education.  To inspire greatness in the individual student – instill capabilities – and offer options to build a successful future.

What is Career and Technical Education?

St. Helens High School Surveying Students surveying“Probably no one teaches the application and relevance of academics better than CTE does.”Larry Stevenson, UACTE President

Career and Technical Education (CTE) has at its core and focus the task of providing students the opportunity to acquire skills that prepare them for successful career entry, achievement, and/or continuing their education.  These skills should be transferable as well as job specific and basic to the student’s general education, ultimately providing them the foundation for life-long learning.

The Primary Objectives of CTE are:

  • To give students the specific skills needed for job-entry positions now and broad transferable skills, allowing students further employment/education flexibility;
  • To help students acquire an awareness of the future within high skill, high wage industries;
  • To increase a student’s options for occupational choice in the pursuit of a career as well as providing a cognitive base for post-secondary education;
  • To provide both school and work-based learning experiences;
  • To bridge the gap between education and the world of work


Since 1989, PACTEC, (formally know as PAVTEC – Portland Area Vocational Technical Education Consortium), has served the high schools in the Washington County and east Columbia County area providing support and guidance to Career Technical Education (CTE) programs. Building strong, viable and rewarding opportunities for high school students, teachers and administrators.

Senior student award recipient at 2014 CTE Awards “… Students are 8-10 times less likely to drop out in 11th or 12th grades if enrolled in a CTE program rather than general education.”US Dept. of Education, NCEC, June 2010

With the 2018 reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Act a strong change in message and emphasis to the intent of the Act emerged.  “Vocational Education” was replaced with “Career Technical Education” (CTE).  So in keeping with the message and intent PAVTEC evolved into PACTEC (Portland Area Career Technical Education Consortium).

There is now an emphasis on developing challenging academic and technical standards, including the preparation for high-skill, high-wage or high demand occupations in current or emerging professions.  Secondary and Post-Secondary education will partner to provide a link in the continuing education and training opportunities for CTE students.

Funded by grant awards through the Carl D. Perkins Act, the PACTEC office is a partnership between high school, community college and industry.  By supporting the high school CTE Programs of Study in the Region 2-A, the PACTEC office provides high school students with a bridge to success with options and steps to a viable career.

With renewed vigor and dedication to student success, PACTEC is continuing to work with Industry to provide targeted education and training opportunities thereby enabling students to make the transition from the high school classroom to the real world.

The State of Oregon is divided into 19 Educational Regions.  The PACTEC office is directed by Beth Molenkamp, Regional Coordinator and Manager of Region 2-A which encompasses 1,500 square miles of Washington County and eastern Columbia County.