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Technology requirements for online instructors

To teach PCC Online courses, instructors are expected to be familiar with computers and the Internet. Instructors are responsible for making sure their equipment is functional and secure.
Instructor using a computer

Basic system

  • Access to a modern computer system with a supported operating system (OS) installed.
    Note: Tablets are not yet adequate to support online instruction.
  • An Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a modem or other device capable of connecting to the internet. Broadband is strongly recommended.
    • If your download speed is greater than 256 kbps, your internet connection should be sufficient for teaching online classes at PCC, though we recommend faster connections.
    • If your download speed is less than 256 kbps, you may want to consider upgrading your internet connection or finding a faster internet connection elsewhere (possibly at a campus, public library, etc). If a faster internet connection is unavailable to you, you will find it frustrating to teach your online courses.
  • More than one Internet browser installed on your computer. If you are not using one already, we recommend the following browsers.
  • A headphones/microphone combination that works with your computer. This allows you to make audio recordings, participate in online meetings, and offer virtual office hours.
  • A webcam for providing video feedback and creating instructor introduction videos.

Other software

  • A word processing software program, such as Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, or Google Docs.
  • Current Anti-Virus software that must be installed and kept up to date. Since you will be viewing and grading student work on your computer, it is important that your computer is protected. Learn more about the importance of virus protection
  • Multimedia plug-ins or helper applications may be required to allow your browser to access online video, or interactive features.

Class specific requirements

You must post any additional software or hardware requirements on your course details page.