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Submitting a quiz in progress

If a student is unable or forget to submit a quiz, or if a quiz is stuck “in progress,” you can submit the attempt so that it can be graded.

  • What is required: A D2L Brightspace course with a quiz attempt that a student has not submitted or is in progress

Step 1: Find attempts

  1. Click on Quizzes from the Course navbar
  2. Click on the drop-down menu next to the quiz you want to find and select Grade
    Quiz: accessing Grade view
  3. Click the Show User Options link to open filter the view to only students who have an attempt in progress
  4. Click the drop-down arrow under “Restrict to” menu, select Users with attempts in progress from the list
    Quiz: search options- users with attempts in progress
  5. ¬†Click on the magnifying glass icon to run the search filter. The search will return all users with attempts that are still in progress. If there are no learners with attempts in progress, the search will return ‘0’ results
    Quiz: search options-run search by clicking the magnifying glass icon

Step 2: Submit an attempt

  1. To submit the quiz for the student, the instructor clicks on the “Enter Quiz as User” icon which displays to the right of the “(in progress)” status
    Quiz: quiz attempt- enter quiz as user
  2. A pop-up confirmation window will shows up. Click the Yes button to enter the quiz as the student
    Quiz: quiz attempt- enter quiz as user, confirm: Yes
  3. A page that list the student’s responses to the quiz questions will open. Click the Submit Quiz button at the bottom of the page to submit the quiz for the student
    Note: If you decided not to submit the quiz, cancel and exit the screen by clicking on the Exit Impersonating button at the top right of the page
    Quiz: quiz attempt- submit quiz for student
  4. After selecting to submit the quiz, a “Quiz Submission Confirmation” page will display. Click on the Submit Quiz button (again) to follow through with the submission. Choose the Back to Questions button to back out of the area. It’s a good practice to check for “in progress” quiz attempts after a quiz has run it’s course.
    Quiz questions are automatically saved in most instances but unanswered questions will result in warnings. Instructors may wish to reset the attempt and re-release the quiz to specific users for a re-submission of a quiz if necessary.
    Quiz: quiz attempt - submit quiz for student, confirm submission

Step 3: View an attempt

  1. Users with an attempt in progress appear under the search results and are identified by the blue “(in progress)” statement appearing to the right of the “attempt x” link. To access an attempt that is in progress, select the “attempt #” link that corresponds to the quiz attempt that is to be viewed.
    Quiz: quiz attempt- view attempt
  2. Selecting the “attempt #” link brings the “Grade Attempt” page specific to the student forward. The results of the answers that the student chose will display (question by question) under the “Quiz Results” area
    Quiz: quiz attempt - view attempt in progress
  3. Click on the Quizzes Event Log link to show detail steps of the student when taking the quiz. The quizzes event log keeps track of many information
    Quiz: quiz attempt- view attempt in progress, quizzes event log
  4. Click the Back button at the top left of the page to go back to the list of students with the attempts