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Sharing your course content

Online Learning has created a new role in D2L that will allow Instructors to add other instructors into their course so that they can view course content and copy the content into their own courses. The role is called Instructor Copy Course Content.

The new role does not let instructors change your course content or view student data.

When the person is added to the course, their name will show up in the classlist. No role will be displayed to avoid confusing students. This will allow for easy removal from the course once they no longer need access to the course.

Role - Instructor copy course content

To add this role

You’ll need to be an instructor in the course (or mentor) to add this role.

  1.  Go to the classlist of the course
  2. Click on Add Participants button
  3. Click on Add existing users from the action menu
  4. Enter the instructors MyPCC username
  5. Click on the “Magnifying Glass” Icon or hit enter to search for the person you wish to enter
  6. Check the box next the person’s name you wish to add
  7. Use the drop-down box in the role field to locate and select “Instructor Copy Course Content
  8. If you have a Section field, use the dropdown box to select of one the available sections (it doesn’t matter which one you choose)
  9. Click on the “Enroll Selected Users” button
  10. Click on the “Done” button if you are finished adding people to your course.  If you need to added additional people to the course, click on “Add More Participants”  to repeat the process

Once the instructor has copied the needed content you can remove them from the course.  Send an email to dlhelp@pcc.edu asking for the instructor to be removed.  Please be sure to include the CRN of the course and the person’s name who needs to be removed from the course.

Copying the content

The next step is to copy content in to your course. Follow this guide to copying course content.