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OIO Overview

Required online instructor training courses

The required entry-level training for online teaching at PCC, consists of two trainings:

  • The Fundamentals of Online Learning (FOOT) is a two-week training available to instructors without a teaching assignment.
  • The OIO is a two – six week course required for all faculty teaching online at PCC for the first time.
Plan ahead

FOOT/OIO training and course development or revision can be completed in two and a half to three terms. Training to have an instructor teach from an existing online course is completed in one and a half to two terms. Deadlines apply for requesting training and course developments or revisions.

Online Instructor Orientation

The Online Instructor Orientation (OIO) is a five module, mostly online, training.. This course introduces instructors to online course design and teaching at PCC. OIO activities take about 15 hours and are typically completed in two to six weeks.

  • OIO is open to full-time or part-time instructors who have been assigned to teach online
  • OIO enrollment requires a chair or dean to complete a course development or takeover request.
  • Instructors completing OIO receive a stipend


OIO enrollment form