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FOOT Overview

Fundamentals of Online Teaching (FOOT) overview

FOOT First IconThe Fundamentals of Online Learning (FOOT) is a two-week course available to instructors who don’t currently teach online for PCC. The course allows instructors to explore the online teaching modality without a commitment to teach online. However, instructors who are assigned a first online course to teach will complete FOOT class as the first step in the Online Instructor Orientation.

  • Faculty should indicate their interest in enrolling in FOOT to their department chair or dean. FOOT enrollment may only be initiated by a department chair or dean.
  • FDCs or deans must sign up faculty by Monday before the first week of the term.
    • FOOT is offered every term. FOOT sessions begin Monday of Week 2 and end Monday of Week 4 of each term.
  • For instructors who are not assigned an online course to teach, FOOT is a voluntary training opportunity.
    • Instructors are not paid for completing the FOOT and participation is not compensated with a training stipend.
    • Successful completion of the FOOT is a prerequisite to further training required to teach online at PCC.
    •  For instructors who are assigned an online course to teach, FOOT is mandatory training as part of the OIO.
    • OIO training includes a faculty stipend. FOOT training alone does not include a training stipend.
  • A FOOT completion report is sent to the participant and the chair or dean within a few days of completion. The report can inform the assignment of future online sections.
Department chairs and deans may
  • Recruit or support interested instructors to take FOOT by signing them up for an upcoming FOOT course.
  • Complete the Intake Form to enroll an instructor into a FOOT session.
  • Consider having several FOOT completers available when new assignments are anticipated, so that they can enroll instructors in the second part of the required trainings right away.
Before filling out the enrollment form, be prepared to provide the following information:
  • Instructor’s name and email address
  • Instructor’s G number
  • If instructor is part-time, please also provide a non-PCC email address, if known
  • If instructor is part-time, please provide a non-PCC phone number, if known
  • The requested FOOT session (term)

Access Intake Form for FOOT Enrollment