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This content was published: April 26, 2019. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

D2L Brightspace 20.19.04 updates for April 2019

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Here’s what’s happening with the April Continuous Delivery update on Friday, April 26th.

Version naming changes

I don’t think anyone will really care about this change, but it will make it easier for us tech folks to track what updates happened when. This version, 20.19.04, clearly communicates that it is the April 2019 release. It’s way easier than some arbitrary number.

Students can post to Activity Feed

Activity feed is an under-used tool, but it creates a social-media like interface for your homepage that lets you do quick posts to share info with students. With this month’s update, now you can allow students to post to the Activity Feed. We don’t know if this will be popular or not, but it has the potential to have your activity feed catch fire.??

Students can post to the activity feed and it shows an avatar next to their post.

Add Quicklink to Rubrics

Wouldn’t it be great if you could link to your rubric so students can see the grading criteria before they submit their work? Well, now you can. Any place you can insert a link will now let you choose Rubrics as an option.

You can now link right to a specific rubric

Quiz builder improvements

You won’t see this feature yet, but we wanted to share a teaser for summer term. The quiz question creation interface and workflow is much improved. We’ll share more information in the Quarterly Updates for summer.

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