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This content was published: March 13, 2019. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

D2L Brightspace 10.8.11 updates for March 2019

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This is scheduled to be installed on March 28th.

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This month’s update changes are:

  • Changes to Rubric Icons and override criteria scores.
  • Updated Icons for the Activity Feed
  • Improvements in the Assignment Area


D2L is continuing to make changes to the Rubrics Tool.  This month the changes to the tool are designed to help make it easier for you to determine where you are in the grading process for a student.

D2L has introduced three new icons that will help you determine where you are in the grading process for activities that use a Rubric.  The checked rubric icon now displays only when a rubric has been fully scored. Previously, the checked rubric icon displayed for partially or fully scored rubrics. An unchecked rubric icon will display when a rubric is unscored, or partially scored to provide a more visual information about the status of the rubric.

Unscored rubric Icon

Unscored rubric Icon

Partially scored rubric with additional information

Partially scored rubric with additional information

Scored rubric icon with check mark

Scored rubric icon with check mark

D2L has introduced the ability in Rubrics to override a criteria score before selecting the level when grading a student’s submission.  You are now able to enter a score for a criterion on a points-based rubric before clicking on a level within the rubric.

Activity Feed

For those of you who use the Activity Feed, D2L has updated the icons used so they are easier to see.

Old Activity Feed Icons

Previous attachment Icons in the Activity Feed

Updated attachment icons in Activity Feed

Updated attachment icons in Activity Feed


D2L has updated the language for the tab to publish feedback on assignments that have been set to hide student names during assessments.  The tab was previously labeled “Publish All Feedback on Anonymized Assignment Submissions“, the tab has been renamed “Publish All Feedback on Assignments

D2L now allows for files with the .cs file extension to be uploaded and submitted.  For those who are interested… .cs file is a source code file written in C#, an object-oriented programing language created by Microsoft.

Class and User Progress

The Class Progress tool has been updated so that it shows discussion activity rather than competencies. You can customize what items are displayed, but the default set now shows information relevant to most classes. This is a super helpful tool for getting a sense of how engaged your students are. You can access the Class Progress tool by clicking on Course Admin then clicking on Class Progress.

The class progress tool now displays discussion post counts