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bulk edit your dates Meet the updated Manage Dates tool 7
Learn more about the powerful Manage Dates tool and new features. Posted April 23, 2018
icon continuous delivery D2L CD 10.8 update for April 2018
Continuous Delivery updates for April, 2018. Posted April 20, 2018
large icon- course management Creating a calendar feed from your course in D2L 2
Peter shares how to get D2L calendar events in your Google calendar feed. Posted April 16, 2018
embed code icon Breaking up boring content and testing knowledge with Quizlets! 4
CAS faculty Ron Bekey shares how he uses quizlets to embed quick checks in to course content. Posted April 9, 2018
Metal vocalist Gene Summers sings into a microhone. Announcing Darkspace for Spring 2018 4
The latest facelift for D2L, Darkspace, is the most metal LMS ever. Posted April 1, 2018
Personalized audio feedback takes very little time and helps engage online students with course content and instructors. Online Rooms and Collaborate Ultra changing for Summer 2018
Online Learning will be switching from Collaborate Ultra to Zoom for web conferencing in June 2018 Posted March 23, 2018
Student watching media content on a tablet 5 ways to make your videos binge-worthy at PCC
Monica shares 5 ways to improve the use of media in your course. Posted March 12, 2018
icon continuous delivery D2L CD 10.7.10 update for March 2018
Guess what: The Manage Dates tool will now update due dates! Sorry, getting ahead of myself. I know you’ve been […] Posted March 8, 2018
airplane in the sky at sunrise Takeoffs, Turbulence, and Smooth Landings: Building our courses as we fly them 3
Heather Guevara relates her experience with online course development to building a plane as you fly it. Posted March 6, 2018
School closed due to weather sign Use D2L to shovel out your class 3
A special post for non-online instructors to show how to set up a D2L Brightspace course to keep things rolling when the weather doesn't cooperate. Posted February 21, 2018