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This content was published: December 21, 2018. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

D2L Brightspace 10.8.8 updates for December 2018

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The December update includes changes to the My Course widget course tiles,  new assignment types and an update to Written Response question type.

Visual updates to My Courses Widget Course Tiles

D2L Course Tile with new status icon

November’s update brought a new status indicator that lets users know if the course is inactive or closed.  On the course tile below you will see that this course’s status is INACTIVE. (You’ll want to go into the course and activate it if you want your students to see the course).  If the course status is listed as CLOSED, it is either because the course has ended or hasn’t started yet.

My Course Widget Course Tile showing icons that indicate a new submission or posting

December’s update now includes icons on the Course Tiles to let you know if there are new Assignment submissions, Discussion postings, or Quiz Submissions.  When you click on the icon that has a new submission or posting, you will be taken directly to that activity in your course.



Quizzes – Add initial text to Written Response questions

If you use Written Response Questions, you can now provide initial text to help your students get started with the answer to the question.

Written Response Initial text question

New Assignment Types for your assignments

When creating assignments you can now select from:

  • File submission (students must upload a file before submitting their assignment
  • Text submission (students enter their assignment in the comments field)
  • On paper submission (students turn in their assignment in person)
  • Observed in person (students do a class presentation or some other activity that do not require written work to be submitted but can be evaluated using the tools available in Assignments)

Known Issues

Here are a couple items that have popped up in the most recent update

  • The print function in Content opens the content in a new window, but it does not open the printer dialouge. Pressing control-P (or command-P on mac) will open the printing dialogue. D2L is aware of this issue and is investigating
  • The display logic for the My Courses widget will hide inactive courses from students. Previously, students could see the courses but they were listed as inactive. We believe this is functioning as intended, but it’s a change from the past.