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Project: Annotated 360 Panoramas for Geology

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I wrote a post for this blog last year inviting PCC faculty to consider collaborating with us to create 360-degree-image projects for courses.  In the time since that post, we have taken on a handful of 360 projects and I wanted to share one of them with you.

Gretchen Gebhardt and Lalo Guerrero, Geology faculty at PCC, brought this request to us: provide a media experience for students who can’t make it on class geology field trips and/or who need to review some of what is learned on these field trips. While we knew there was no way to replicate the in-person experience, we decided that 360 panoramic images (using Thinglink for adding links to videos, stills, websites, Google maps…) would be the closest we could get with the our current know-how and resources. Please give it a try.

thinglink preview of the Gorge.

You’ll notice that there are a variety of buttons on each image including one that is gray with an upward pointing triangle/arrow that takes you from one panorama/“scene” to the next. I would invite you to take at least a few minutes exploring the buttons and images and to think about how such a project might be useful in your teaching.

As with any media production project, one big question and concern for faculty is how much time it will require. Projects can be scaled to a particular instructor’s capacity and time and here is how this project went together: Gretchen put together a planning document that includes  each of the “stops” where we would be taking the 360 panoramas along with a list of links that would initially be added to them. The next step was to take the panoramas which took one day going from stop to stop (about 40 miles of traveling). From there, our team did the first round of posting images and adding annotations/links in Thinglink and Gretchen provided feedback via email. We have more work to do on it: Gretchen will be coming to our studio in the next few days to record some audio and to make any changes she wants to the annotations. Once we’ve added the audio, Gretchen will provide additional feedback and we should be done.

Hopefully, taking a look at this project sparked some ideas for you. If you have a project in mind (even just the seed of one) and would like to discuss it, please let me (Michael Annus) know!

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Video Producer at PCC (for 18 years), working with faculty to create meaningful videos for teaching and learning. MFA in Film & Video Production and MA in Cultural Anthropology with experience teaching courses in both disciplines.... more »

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x (Comment #33415) by bryan 4 years ago (Comment #33415)

It would be great to see a session on this type of video in May at the PCC DL symposium/conference.
I like the close-up shots that you can click on as the image rotates.
What about audio that can go along with the 360 image.
Is it possible?

x (Comment #33419) by Michael Annus 4 years ago (Comment #33419)

Thanks for your message Bryan. Good idea about including it in a session at the May summit–I’ll pitch it to the planning group.
Audio can go along with the image and Gretchen and I will be recording some in a couple of days and I should have them added by the end of the week.