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D2L Brightspace 10.8.5 updates for September 2018

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This post covers updates from 10.8.3 from July through 10.8.5 for September 2018. There are some good ones to share so buckle up!

HTML Editor adds support for chemistry equations and hand-written equations

This is one I’ve known about and am excited for. The equation editor now supports the Chemistry library and has added support for hand-drawn equations (math too!)

Editor’s Note: Hand-drawn equations have been delayed due to performance issues. We hope to know when they will be added back soon.

Select Chemistry equation as an option

You can now select “Chemistry equation” from the equation action menu to launch the chemistry editor.

The handwriting mode allows you to mouse, touch, etc. to create equations.

Both of these should be improvements for both faculty and students who are teaching math, science, economics, philosophy, etc. online. This feature will be available on September 28th, 2018.

Assignments don’t need an attachment

Do you ever wish students could use the assignment tool but just post their responses in the text submission field? We asked and it’s delivered!

choose text submission as an assignment option.

More Date Change updates

Over the last several updates, there have been multiple improvements to the Manage Dates workflows. Now when you finish importing a course or a course package, you have the ability to immediately go in to the date offset tool.

Quiz experience

For the last several months, you could opt in to the new quiz tool design. Now it defaults to the new quiz experience and you have to opt out. Also, question pools give you a nifty dynamic preview of the quiz while you’re editing. It’s a less complicated interface.

The question pool feature now lets you see a preview

Preview of building a Question Pool. Click to enlarge.


Here are a few other minor updates that may pique your interest.

  • Updated widget styling creates more separation between background and widgets.
  • Removal of “Image and text” quiz question type – it’s redundant since you can add images to any question.
  • New release condition: Released final grade score. This lets you use agents or release content based on the student’s final grade having been published.
  • ┬áThe My Courses widget has received some updates as well. One that we haven’t enabled is the ability to group courses by role or by term. We looked at being able to group courses by term but have some concern about the number of quarters that are available. Let us know if you have interest in this.

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