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D2L Brightspace 10.8.2 updates for June 2018

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icon continuous deliveryThe June Continuous Delivery update includes a few updates worth noting for instructors.

Support for Emoticons

Love them or hate them, you can now insert emoticons in the HTML editor. ?

Quizzes – Question pooling

It’s great to mix up your quiz questions. You used to be able to do this with randomization and question sets. However, the new Question Pooling functionality greatly simplifies the ability to randomize questions. It can pull questions from the question library or other quizzes and should make it easier to give every student a slightly different quiz.

The question pool interface is drastically simpler


There are a few long overdue updates to the Rubrics tool.

  1. You can change the rubric visibility to Always visible to students, Hidden from students until feedback published, or Always hide from students.
  2. Students can access Rubric feedback from the associated activity (e.g. in the Discussion tool) Clicking on the rubric link opens it in a new window where the selected scores are highlighted.
  3. Overall score has been renamed “Total.”
  4. Students can view rubric feedback from the Gradebook as well as the associated tool/activity. This provides access to all feedback from the Gradebook. (this is big)
    You can access rubric from the grade book now
  5. Students (and instructors) can now preview the rubric from the Content tool. Previews will appear the same across all tools and will have a responsive interface for mobile devices.

Promoting Pulse

Did you know there is a mobile app for D2L called Pulse? There is, and it’s pretty nifty for casual use. Students will be able to see notices that Pulse is available. You know, we should probably do more to promote it as well. It’s great for seeing what is happening in the coming week and getting course updates.

Discussion grading improvements

When you’re assessing a discussion, there is now a link to the original post so you can more easily see the context of the post without having to root around yourself.

Annotate non-PDF files in Grader app

If you’re one of the few instructors who has a tablet and uses Assignment Grader, you may be happy to learn that you can add annotations to files other than PDFs. So you can use your annotation features (draw, circle, etc.) on Word docs and other supported file types. Oh, and you no longer need an EduDentity account to use Assignment Grader app.

Preview for July

I’m actually really excited about two updates coming in July.

  1. Support for Chemistry equations in the HTML editor including the ability to hand-write equations!?!?! (pssst… here’s a preview)
  2. You can submit an assignment without needing to attach a file!?!?!

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