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D2L CD 10.8.1 update for May 2018

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icon continuous deliveryThe May Continuous Delivery update includes a few things that may make life a little easier.

Name column is locked in Gradebook

The gradebook can be an overwhelming place, especially when you lose the name of the students while scrolling around. As of Friday, May 25th, the name column is locked on the left side so you will always see it while scrolling left and right to view different grade columns. Also, the column titles locks when you scroll down so you can see which activity grade you’re seeing.

More manage dates improvements

There have been a number of improvements to the Manage Dates tool in the last 2 releases, but apparently that wasn’t enough. With this release, you’ll see these additional updates.

  • Offset other activity dates – In addition to offsetting start, end, and due dates, instructors have the option to offset other dates associated with activities. Affected dates are: discussion topic and forum locking dates, quiz submission view dates, quiz report dates, and survey report dates.
  • Manual calendar events – Instructors can edit the start and end dates of events that were manually created and not tied to existing activities or content topics. As a result, instructors can manage all course dates from a single location.
  • Improved sorting of items to follow tool sort order – Manage Dates display activities in the order in which an instructor would see them in their respective tools.
  • Display of course start and end date – The course start date and end date appears at the top of the Manage Dates page and acts as a reference for instructors when operating on the dates of the various activities. If instructors have the Manage CoursesChange Start and End Dates permission, they can launch a dialog box and then edit the dates.
  • The Tool column on the Manage Dates page has been removed – You can use the Type column to sort the Manage Dates page based on the tool-specific order.
  • New links to the Manage Dates page – The new Review and Manage Dates button appears at the end of copy course components, course import, and course import advanced.

Here’s an example of that last one.

manage dates can be launched from the Copy Course page


There were some planned updates to the Rubrics tool but those were delayed until 10.8.2 in June.

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