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Use D2L to shovel out your class

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Class cancelled or delayed due to weather or emergency?

You don’t need to worry about that anymore. Instructors who teach campus courses can use D2L Brightspace when campus is closed due to weather or an emergency. Using D2L Brightspace allows you to communicate with your students and put some activities online, so your students don’t miss out on valuable instruction time.

Note: Activate your D2L Brightspace course

To use D2L Brightspace, you first need to activate your D2L Brightspace class. Follow these directions to activate your D2L Brightspace course.

Below I have outlined 5 easy things you can do in D2L Brightspace for a campus class
1. Email class from the classlist

Email iconGo to your D2L Brightspace course to send email to your students. The email you send from Brightspace will go to your students’ PCC email. Follow these directions to learn more about sending email from your class and organize your Gmail.

2. Create an announcement on homepage

News iconOnce you’re inside your D2L Brightspace course, you can quickly create an announcement for your students.

“Today PCC is closed due to snow, but I’ve posted some files for this week’s class. You can find these materials…”

An announcement item stay on the homepage of your course and will not be email out to your students, unless they signed up for notifications.

3. Add files to your course

Document iconYou can add files to your course using the Content tool found on the navigation bar. D2L Brightspace allows you to upload any file type with no file size limitation. Text, Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and Images will display directly in D2L Brightspace and not require students to download. Follow these directions to add files to the Content. Don’t worry if you make a mistake and upload the wrong files, learn how to rename, reorder, or delete files from your content.

You can also link to websites, YouTube videos, a Google Doc, and more! (Read Peter’s blog post about sharing GoogleDocs to your course and don’t forget to give students the correct sharing access).

4. Have students submit work to an assignment folder

Upload file iconYou can quickly setup a folder for students to submit assignment online rather thanhaving them clutter your email. Instructors can view, grade, and leave feedback for each student’s submission. You can even set a date and time for the folder to lock. Here’s how to add an assignment folder.

You can write up the assignment description right in D2L Brightspace or attach an already created file. Make sure you let student know what type of files you’d accept, e.g. .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf, or a GoogleDoc file.

5. Host an online class meeting

lecture meeting iconYou can quickly set up an online meeting room so that your students can join you virtually instead of coming to campus. It saves travel time for you and your students, and only requires internet access and a computer, tablet, or phone to access. If you’re hosting a session, a full desktop or laptop running a currently supported version of Windows or Mac OSX (not Chromebook) is recommended to do full functionality of the tool.

What you need to do to set up a virtual room:

  1. Learn how to use Zoom inside your D2L Brightspace course.
  2. Watch the video to learn about Zoom Meeting Control.
  3. Want to learn more? You can:

What your students need:

  1. How do they join the session? You can have them log in to your D2L course, click on the link from the Calendar widget on Course Home, and click on the meeting’s name to join.
  2. What they need to know about Join a Zoom meeting. They can use mobile device to access a Zoom session, just install the Zoom App.
How do I check if my students can see what I have in my course?

You can access your course as a student to make sure that your students can view your content. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to Brightspace and click on your course.
  2. Click on your name at the top, right corner of the screen and click View as Student. If you never done this before, click Change and select Student from the list.
    View your D2L Brightspace course as a student
  3. Check your course as a student. When you’re done and need to go back as instructor, click on your name again at the top, right corner and click the X next to Viewing as Student.
    Exit view as a student in your D2L Brightspace course
Still have questions?

Question mark icon

Don’t worry, if you still have any questions or need more guidance, contact the Online Faculty Helpdesk (email dlhelp@pcc.edu), 971-722-8227 or contact an Instructional Technology Specialist. They are there to help you every step of the way. Good luck!

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x (Comment #32216) by Amanda Ellertson 4 years ago (Comment #32216)

I am trying to find the correct wording related to the technical skill expectations for a student taking my online class to incorporate into my syllabus. Can you send me a link to something that might give me some guidance? I have looked over the syllabus requirements, but don’t see this included.

x (Comment #32250) by Andy Freed 4 years ago (Comment #32250)

Hi Mandy, the students should have already completed the Virtual Backpack and hopefully know what is required. If you’re just looking for a list of technology requirements & skills, you can refer them to this list in our online learning preview.

x (Comment #32263) by sheila brown 4 years ago (Comment #32263)

Definitely planning to do this in the future. We probably need to cover it in our syllabus is what I’m thinking–and maybe notify the main office?