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D2L CD 10.7.6 update for October 2017

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icon continuous deliveryThere are a few updates in the October release that might catch your eye. These features will go live on Friday, October 27th.

Default state for assignments

A few of you noticed that in a recent update, the default state for newly created assignments was set to “hidden.” This was a change that wasn’t well documented, and caused some confusion when instructors thought they were releasing a new assignment but students couldn’t see it. Well, based on some quick feedback, we can now change the default at the organization level so that the default state for newly created assignments returns to “visible.”

Easily add Google Drive files to Content

You can more easily link to Google Drive files from Content, Assignments, Announcements and anywhere you use the HTML editor. In content, you just need to click “Existing Activities” and pick Google Drive and you can browse and select the file you want to share. By default, it will create a link that is “view only” so that people can’t mess up your stuff.

You will need to enable the Google Apps integration before this will work.

Auto-pinning of future courses!

I hope you kept reading because this is the big one. Based on our feedback at the user conference this summer (and feedback from other schools – but mostly us), D2L has changed the My Courses widget so that it automatically pins newly added courses. This includes courses from future terms as well. You and your students probably had a few confused moments when an upcoming course wasn’t showing in your My Courses widget. This will resolve that issue. And we’re thrilled.

Bulk edit grade exemptions

Do you have students that you exempt from specific assignments because they arranged an absence? Or because they completed certain activities in a previous course and are now working on an incomplete? Now you can set multiple grade exemptions at once for that user. Just go in to Manage Grades, click the action menu next an activity and select Edit Grades. Then click on the action menu next to the student, select Bulk Edit Exemptions.

Collaborate ultra updates

There are a few updates to the features for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra as well. (aka Online Rooms).

  • If a student joins by phone, they can close the browser session once they have successfully connected.
  • Participants can have a private chat with moderators.
  • If you have problems, you can create a support ticket right from the interface so that Blackboard can log the ticket and get back to you about your problem.

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