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Course Tune-up Follow-Up

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8 Week Course Tune-Up Follow-Up

Ah… summer. Where did it go? We are just a few weeks away from the start of fall quarter. Some of you are wrapping up teaching your summer courses and most of us are facing the reality that it is time to start prepping our courses for fall term.

Maybe you joined the 8 week course tune-up challenge and got a head start on those changes you wanted to make to your courses! You might be wondering, “8-week challenge? What’s that?”

What it was
  1. We provided interested faculty with a development shell of one of their courses to work on over the summer.
  2. Faculty chose 8 tasks to complete from the 8 Week Course Tune-Up Challenge Task List. The tasks were simple, but high-impact.
  3. Faculty tracked the tasks they completed over 8 weeks, worked with Instructional Technology Specialists, and then submitted their progress sheets.
  4. Faculty earned cool prizes! (P.S. Forthcoming if you already submitted your task tracking sheet)
Faculty takeaways

Here’s what faculty who participated had to say:

“I recently… revised an online class that I taught last Spring, so I found the challenge fairly straightforward. However, I think it is a good way to keep aware of the central elements of all online courses. If we don’t revisit them occasionally we may forget one or two, or grow complacent.”

“It turns out that what really needs to happen is me sit down with someone more technically astute than I… so I have set up a time with [campus ITS support]… I really want someone to look at the accessibility of the class, which is what I think I need most. It also turns out that I work better in intense clumps than in little sporadic bursts – I kind of knew this about myself but this highlighted it for me.”

“I think my feedback would be that each task was small but important, and easy to bite off, so to speak. I appreciated doing something in small chunks.”

“I learned some new things and finally got around to making some change that I’d been thinking about. I plan to incorporate a lot of the tools I picked up in the Challenge in my other courses. I think the students will really benefit from having more robust and comprehensive distance learning experiences.Thanks!”

Missed the challenge?

Did you miss the challenge, but still want to make changes to your courses before fall term? Open the task list and implement the recommended tune-up tasks. Save this list and use it in future terms, too. Contact one of the Instructional Technology Specialists for more assistance if you get stuck on a task you’re attempting. Remember, even small improvements can have a big impact on how your students interact with your content!

A very big “thank you” to Rondi Schei, Instructional Technology Specialist, who helped take a vision for this project and turn it into actionable items!