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This content was published: June 2, 2017. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information may have changed.

Announcing visual and email updates for D2L Brightspace this summer

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There are some important changes coming to D2L Brightspace this summer (June 20th) that will greatly improve the student experience. We will be doing a visual update to the software that will modernize the interface and make it far more usable on mobile devices. This update, called Daylight by D2L, will not really change the way you interact with your courses, but will modernize the look and standardize the navigation and layout between your classes and make viewing the content easier. Here’s a preview of the changes:

In addition, we’re moving to just one email tool. No more trying to figure out which email your instructor wants to use because we’re standardizing on the PCC Gmail tool. Messages sent from within D2L automatically go to your PCC Gmail. You can also respond right within your Gmail. Not only does this reduce confusion, it allows you to respond quickly from your mobile device! Here’s a quick preview of the change:

We’re excited for these changes and hope that they make using D2L Brightspace even easier for you. More instructions and updates will appear once we go live on June 20th.

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x by Charles 5 years ago

So… it seems like you’ve left out a few important details here. For most people, I suspect that knowing the final resting place of their sent mail is largely inconsequential. What’s missing here is an explanation of how an email interaction will look going forward. Basically, my question is this: Can I choose to simply stay in D2L and continue to interact like before while a classmate and/or instructor chooses to stay in Gmail?

For instance, if I send a D2L email to a classmate, can they then respond from D2L? If that classmate chooses to respond from Gmail, will I see it in D2L? And what about all other PCC email, will it also now show up in D2L?

x by Andy Freed 5 years ago

Hi Charles,

The messages sent in D2L actually go to your PCC Gmail account. You will still interact the same way, but the messages will go to the PCC address. You will access email via MyPCC like you did in the past, or via a widget on the homepage in D2L. We don’t have a video of that yet because we couldn’t create one that makes as much sense on our test system. Here’s a quick screenshot of what the google apps widget will look like. It will let you launch Gmail from within D2L in a new tab.

edit: the comments won’t show the image, but here’s the url. https://www.pcc.edu/online/wp-content/uploads/sites/78/2017/05/access_google_apps.png

x by Kaylee Joseph 5 years ago

So, what happens with current emails that we are saving in our D2L email accounts?

x by Andy Freed 5 years ago

Kaylee, you can access your old email with the steps at the end of this page. https://www.pcc.edu/help-desk/email/

x by Kaylee Joseph 5 years ago

Ok, but that is only for emails responded to according to those directions. What about ones that we didn’t respond to? Also, when I open the email link it takes me straight to compose. How do I get to the sent folder?