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Posted in May 2017

"" Seek out the Sweet Spot 2 comments for "Seek out the Sweet Spot"
Karen Sorensen shares how disagreements about accessibility shaped her view of making accessibility guidelines that work for the college. Posted May 30, 2017
Picture of social loafing on a team project Don’t make me do group work!
This post covers ways to reduce loafing in online group projects and other practices for improving group projects. Posted May 22, 2017
Access Google Apps widget links to your Gmail account Using Gmail in D2L Brightspace
Learn how email is changing in D2L Brightspace for June 2017. Posted May 21, 2017
HTML page on Moble device using the Daylight Theme Designing for the Daylight mobile experience 2 comments for "Designing for the Daylight mobile experience"
A few tips for making your course look better for mobile users. Posted May 16, 2017
Angry computer user staring at his screen. Before adopting publisher content 3 comments for "Before adopting publisher content"
Ask your publisher rep these 5 questions before you decide to adopt. Posted May 8, 2017