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D2L CD update 10.5.6 for February 2016

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icon continuous deliveryThe January 2016 update was delayed while D2L tested some new procedures to prevent bugs from “escaping” in to the wild, so we are now getting the 10.5.6 CD update on February 26th, 2016. The update comes with a few fixes and a few improvements. Here is a list of items we think you’ll appreciate.

  • The Intelligent Agent gets a major improvement with the addition of the “Has Not” logic. This is something that several faculty have noticed as missing from the Intelligent Agent and we’re excited to see it’s addition. With this update, you can configure intelligent agents to trigger an event (e.g. send an email to yourself and a student) when a logical condition is not met. For example, you can trigger an event when there is an:
    • Incomplete checklist (You can’t do your at-home Chem lab if you don’t sign the liability waiver!)
    • Content topic not visited (Syllabus anyone?)
    • No discussion posts authored in topic (We’ll never get to know you if you don’t post an introduction!)
    • No submission to dropbox¬† (Hey, you haven’t turned in Draft #2 of your paper on Che Guevara)
    • No completed quiz attempt (You might want to take the midterm. It’s worth a few points towards your final grade)
  • Browser support updates
    • IE9 is no longer supported, and IE10 and IE11 are in maintenance mode (Do people still use these?)
    • The Edge browser is now supported (Did people even start using this?)
    • The latest version of Safari is now supported, and¬† 6, 7, and 8 are now in maintenance mode
  • There are a litany of bug fixes, many of which we never observed. Here are a few that we did notice:
    • Special access in a quiz now saves the correct time and displays the correct time to instructors AND students.
    • When grading in the Dropbox, clicking Next Submission took you to a random student, not the next student. This is fixed.
    • In quizzes, math equations might have been erroneously split to cover multiple lines. This is fixed.

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x (Comment #20530) by Jennifer Ward 6 years ago (Comment #20530)

I’m SOOOO excited about the changes to the Intelligent Agent! It was very intelligent before (IMHO), but now it is! :D