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Finding online classes that aren’t full

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When you are planning your schedule before the start of a term, you might find the advanced course search very useful. It will let you look up classes based on their instructional method (classroom, online,etc.), date and time, and other important factors. These instructions will show you how to find an online class and determine if there is any space left in the class.

  1. Log in to MyPCC and click on Register for classes link in the Term-to-term Checklist channel.
    The Term-to-term Checklist on the MyPCC home page
  2. Click on Look Up Classes
  3. Select Term Details
    Select the current term (e.g. Winter 2020) from Search by Term and Credit Class from the Class Type of Search field then click the Submit button.
  4. Find online classes
    To specifically find online classes (Web), click on the Advanced Search button.
  5. Use Advanced Search. The Advanced Search page has many options. This example will show how to find an online Economics class.
    1. Select Course Subject (e.g. Economics).
    2. Click the Selection Search button.
    3. Select the Instructional Method (Web).
    4. Note: You can also select the a specific instructor. In this example, we’ll look at all the options.
  6. View the results. The results will list the courses found based on your search options. In our example, we can see the online Economics classes listed.
  7. Register for a class. After deciding on which class(es) you wish to register for, click on the check box to the left of those class(es). Click the Submit button to register.

Note: After the term starts, you will not be able to register for the course or add yourself to the waitlist. You will need to contact the instructor for an override after the first day of the term.

Do not forget to attend your class in the first day to be sure you are not dropped for No Show.