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Posted in November 2014

Sharon Hennessy is ESOL instructor from PCC Southeast Campus Paperless Classroom. Bring your own devices! 1
Paperless Classroom for Online Learning is the reality now, but it still can be a challenge for many Face-to Face teaching instructors. This week Southeast based ESOL instructor Sharon Hennessy talks about her experience with going paperless. Posted November 24, 2014
Website Redesign
We've recently completed a new website redesign to better assist prospective and current students and create a rich pool of resources that help students succeed in online classes. Posted November 21, 2014
Be Brave. Be Bold. Tweet! 17
Social media is over hyped for sure. But used wisely it really can keep your D2L course fresh, current & fun. Why not give Twitter a try to complement your class content and boost student engagement? Posted November 17, 2014
Next round of Faculty Learning Community sessions
Although the Faculty Learning Communities are still in the beginning stages at each campus, they are starting to take on […] Posted November 10, 2014
Free BEER!!
Enjoy free beer in your online class, assuming that BEER is Beautifully Engaging Education Resources. Monica looks at some excellent tools for finding open and engaging content in your course. Posted November 3, 2014