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Cycle Oregon Team Adventure @ RC

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While Cycle Oregon is a summer event where bike riders spend just one week completing this adventurous trek through Oregon, you will be given 7 weeks to complete the distance! This event starts April 9th and ends May 21st. You may do this challenge as an individual or with a team of one or two other members (max 3). Any team (all members included) completing the challenge within the seven weeks will be eligible for a prize drawing. All individuals completing the event as an individual will be awarded a certificate of achievement. There will be a prize for the team & individual finishing the journey and turning in their papers first! Different activities can be used to go the distance. When you have finished a leg of the journey, turn in your sheet to the RC Gym attendant. Captains: at the end of April turn in your tracking work sheet. A mileage log will be on the RC Gym bulletin board to see how your team is doing next to other teams. To keep up with the challenge, you should reach the destination of each leg by the end of the week. All days are not equal so you may choose to get ahead when approaching a particular hard day of riding. After each leg there is a bonus question having to do with the location you are at. If you get all the bonus questions right, every member of your team will get an extra chance at a prize!

Cycle Oregon Tracking Sheets can be picked up in the: RC Bldg. 5, Gym OR in the RC Bldg. 3, Student Center (Room 128). Completed tracking sheets must be turned in to Darlene in the RC Building 5, Gym

Eligibility: You must be a PCC Faculty, Staff, or Student with current PCC & photo ID.

For more information contact: Darlene 503.614.7286, or, 503.614.7442