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Oregon Leadership Institute

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Do you consider yourself a leader? Do you want to make an impact in the community?

Apply to the Oregon Leadership Institute by filling out the OLI Mentor application.

Portland Community College has offered the Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI) at Rock Creek Campus since 1999. OLI was started in 1986 to help Latinx high school students develop leadership skills and learn about opportunities after high school .

Today, it has evolved into a program that continues to empower young leaders from diverse backgrounds and includes a network of over 500 student graduates.

OLI is a team that empowers and supports young leaders to explore their identity, life, place in the world, and their dreams. It is our objective that students are empowered to create and attain a life that makes them feel proud and fulfilled.

Why join Oregon Leadership Institute (OLI)?

  • Empowering environment
  • Become a stronger leader
  • Promotes community involvement and team work
  • Experience college/university life
  • Access to PCC resources