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Equity Ambassadors’ Leadership Program

What is the Equity Ambassadors’ Leadership Program?

Equity Ambassadors (EAs) are a group of high-achieving PCC students from various cultural backgrounds. The program offers an opportunity to improve the EAs’ leadership skills, develop multicultural programs, and participate on campus committees that advocate for student rights. Through a combination of workshops, retreats, and volunteer opportunities, EAs will gain new leadership skills and make a difference on campus and in the community. They will also be challenged to develop a greater understanding of social (in)justice issues, and to learn strategies that address social inequalities for marginalized students pursuing higher education.

Why become an Equity Ambassador?

The program offers an excellent opportunity to improve your leadership skills, help plan and set up multicultural programs and activities, participate in recruitment and retention activities, and become better connected with the college community. EAs network with college administrators, faculty, students, and staff. Besides meeting new people, making long-lasting friendships, and working with a team of highly motivated and responsible students, Equity Ambassadors become trained in issues of social (in)justice and work to address issues that are important to their communities.

  • Coordinate and plan MC-sponsored programming (at least 2 event series per term).
    • Fosters community and advocacy building for students at the Rock Creek campus.
    • Develop culturally relevant programming centering the experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC).
    • Uses a social justice and equity framework guided by the principals of Critical Race Theory.
    • Advances opportunities for BIPOC students for community involvement, civic engagement, and student activism.
  • Coordinate with peers and MC Staff to complete the following:
    • Design and coordinate marketing materials for MC events and programs.
    • Lead class raps to distribute information about MC programming and initiatives.
    • Maintain informational and marketing materials with updated MC information.
    • Update MC Thrive calendar and social media accounts with programming details.
  • Represent MC to the larger PCC community and serve as a liaison with Rock Creek staff and faculty,
    • Represents the MC at weekly student congress meetings with ASPCC and other RC student leaders.
    • Addresses and advocates for the needs of BIPOC students.
    • Serves on the Rock Creek Diversity Council.
    • Serves on other campus or college-wide committees.
  • Lead outreach efforts to engage students in MC programming and opportunities.
    • Contact instructors to set up class raps.
    • Coordinate with MC staff and volunteers to implement campus outreach (e.g., class raps, tabling, social media, etc.).
    • Contact RC Student Leadership centers and departments to organize event calendars.
  • Co-leads volunteer recruitment and develops campus partnerships.
    • Leads outreach and recruitment efforts of volunteers for MC events or projects.
    • Coordinates with MC staff to organize and train volunteers.
    • Leads volunteer service projects (MLK Day of Service, Earth Day, Cesar Chavez, etc.).
  • Manage event programming budget.
    • Ensure proper management and distribution of funds for events.
    • Create and maintain expense reports.
    • Coordinate with peers to manage fund requests from students.
  • Co-facilitates weekly EA staff meetings (alternating between lead and note-taker).
  • Helps other team members with projects, as needed.
Semana de Nosotrxs co-lead
  • Co-Leads Semana de Nosotrxs with the MC coordinator.
    • Collaborates with MC Coordinator to lead and plan meetings.
    • Oversees programming budget and expenses.
    • Plans and coordinates event planning, marketing, and evaluation.
    • Guides committee to accomplish tasks.